Will Irvine City Council majority listen to voters or Texts from Developers?

July 10 is coming.

That’s when Council member Jeff Lalloway makes a motion to restore the OC Veterans Cemetery to the ARDA site near the Great Park, where $80 million in funding was lined up until the city council majority dependent on developer FivePoint voted to abandon this funding for a land swap that delayed construction by almost a year to allow a developer to get land for pennies on the dollar.  Irvine voters saw through this not once but twice signing enogh signatures to place a referendum on the Ballot (Measure B) and then overwhelmingly voting against it by more than 11,500 votes.

It’ s remarkable the lies spun by the council majority that Irvine voters didn’t know what they were voting for or that polls suggest Irvine voters don’t want to pay for a veteran’s cemetery (when said polls are in the web and do not reflect the vision of Irvine voters).

Here’s message from Ed Pope who led the effort for NO ON B!

One week after 63% of Irvine voters rejected developer FivePoint’s horrible ballot measure (Measure B), I addressed the City Council, along with a dozen or so other Irvine residents — mostly veterans.

You would expect the three Councilmembers (Wagner, Fox and Shea) who put Measure B on the ballot to be interested in hearing what their constituents had to say about this critical issue.

Instead, this was the response we received:
Ironically, we were urging Mayor Wagner and Councilmembers Fox and Shea to listen to the voters.  Instead of listening, they completely ignored us, staring down at their phones, texting the entire time we spoke.

I don’t know about you, but I expect elected officials to respect their constituents enough to at least look up and listen when we take the time to attend a Council meeting and speak during the public comments portion.

At the July 10th Council meeting, we’ll see if these three City leaders are capable of listening to the community when they vote on Councilmember Lalloway’s agenda item and motion directing City staff to immediately begin building our Great Park Veterans Cemetery.

Join me at the July 10th Council meeting at City Hall (1 Civic Center Plaza, at the corner of Harvard and Alton).  Council business ordinarily begins at 5pm, but we expect our agenda item will be discussed after 6pm.

In the meantime, please contact the Councilmembers, requesting they support Councilmember Lalloway’s motion.

To leave a message for the Council, call City Hall at (949) 724-6233 or email the Councilmembers directly at the addresses provided below:

Mayor Wagner:  donaldwagner@cityofirvine.org
Christina Shea:  christinashea@cityofirvine.org
Melissa Fox:  melissafox@cityofirvine.org

Let’s make it clear that we expect Councilmembers to listen to Irvine voters!

Thank you for your continued support.

Ed Pope
Chair of the Campaign to Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery, U.S. Army veteran, retired high school teacher, and 46-year Irvine resident