Tait will Cast a Key Anaheim Vote Tonight that Won’t Impact Him in Laguna Beach Next Year

Tonight’s Anaheim City Council meeting will be impactful — an $18/hour minimum wage issue is on the table for worker’s at businesses who get some sort of subsidy from the city of Anaheim.

Businesses ought to pay their people a living wage.  My concern is should this pass, some workers will lose jobs as others gain the new hourly rate.  But one person voting tonight won’t have to worry about the benefits or consequences of this measure, and that’s Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait.  Or should we call him, Laguna Tom?

It appears Tait is ready to high-tail outta Anaheim when his term ends in December of this year.  Christmas at the beach. He can always invite Mimi Walters over for coffee, as she lives in Laguna Beach (outside CD-45) too.

Mayor Tom Tait, Anaheim (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

According to County of Orange property records, the Thomas F. Tait Family Trust purchased a swanky property overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach in early 2017. It’s small — around 1,300 square feet — but right on the water (and oh, those Laguna sunsets). And it’s a steal at $1.9 million, paid for by the Tait Family Trust which funds a number of conservative mailers come election time — ones that usually bash Democrats.

Tait worked very hard to successfully take control of the council majority in 2016, so one would think he has a long term vested interest in the city that elected him to council and as mayor.  Yet, one of the first decisions he makes is to buy a new home far outside of Anaheim. It’s not certain if Tait and his wife are already living there full time, but that’s the rumor.

Anaheim has been grappling with an insidious homelessness problem that got worse once the council majority shifted in Tait’s direction and other than a task force on homelessness that really didn’t accomplish much, Tait’s been absent from the homelessness issue. He also missed the June 12 council meeting where a budget presentation was made.  And he seems distracted — let’s see how he votes tonight and keep in mind, the issues that arise from the vote won’t be any concern of his when he’s walking on the beach in six months.

  5 comments for “Tait will Cast a Key Anaheim Vote Tonight that Won’t Impact Him in Laguna Beach Next Year

  1. David Vasquez
    June 19, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    It was great to see Lucile Kring “Bitch Slap” Crazy Greg tonight.

    “Greg, it’s great to see you. But, let’s be clear you have sued the city three times and LOST every time!

    Tait had to use the gavel to shut fat boy up.

    • Dan Chmielewski
      June 20, 2018 at 3:25 pm

      I couldn’t stop laughing; Greg likes to call me a bully. Belittling Kring for her campaign finish and angrily shouting from the podium was video evidence of being unhinged. But with the beard and the glasses, he can always get a job as Santa Clause at the Brea Mall or the Garden Walk, as long as he goes through some anger management.

      • OC DEM
        June 20, 2018 at 4:56 pm

        Diamond’s apocalyptic reaction was priceless. The fool doesn’t even live in Anaheim.

        He is branding himself as an unstable, sore loser. As the layers get peeled back Greg will cower.

  2. David Vasquez
    June 21, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    The similarities Between Greg Diamond and David Turpin are eerie.

    READ the case, this is Diamonds behavior MAGNIFIED. Seriously, Greg and Dave Turpin could be clones, and his wife…………that’s a whole weird story. I think the Nelson’s have alluded to as much about Greg’s proclivities. Just weird shit.

  3. OC DEM
    June 22, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Did you see on Voice of OCEA where Cynthia Ward rushes to Taits defense?

    WHAT a tool. But the funniest part is she is debating a guy with a FIFTH GRADE nickname: Jack Meehoff or for those of us who remember being 10: Jack Me Off.

    Nice try Lady Ward.

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