For OC Democratic Congressional Candidates: Remember the Real Opponent

In the weeks leading up to the pre-endorsement caucus and the State Part Convention, my phone has been ringing off the hook from Congressional candidates seeking my support (I’m a delegate) and — in other races — emails urging me to write stories trashing certain congressional candidates in other races outside of CD-45.


For all Democratic candidates in the race, your opponent is the one with an R next to his or her name. Frankly, the fastest way to lose my vote is to talk crap on your DEMOCRATIC opponent.

Let’s start hearing why you are the best candidate to beat NAME OF REPUBLICAN and what your priorities are if elected.  What will you fight for?  What will you stand up against?  Who has endorsed you?  How much money have you raised without loans to yourself?

Let’s give voters in Orange County a reason to vote for you as a Democrat over a Republican instead of a reason to vote against a Democrat who might beat you — and the NAME OF REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE (add your hated Republican here) gets to use your talking points against us in November.

If you win the June primary, don’t you want your Democratic opponents line up and support you with volunteers, donors and a united front?  Are you prepared to do the same thing for the winner if you lose the primary?  If you are, awesome.  If you aren’t, you’ve made it easier for Republicans to hold these seats.

It’s high time to replace OC Republicans in Congress.  Be smart.  If you haven’t raised a lot of money or have few endorsements, think about dropping out.  Run for city council, school board, or county offices.  The thumb isn’t on the scale for any Democratic candidate.  Every candidate gets the same list of delegates.  DPOC officials have no special insight into all campaigns.

Run a positive campaign and trust voters to put you in a position to compete in November.