Hans Keirstead gets endorsement from Aliso Viejo Mayor Pro Tem


Endorsement From Influential Aliso Viejo Mayor Pro Tem, Ross Chun Solidifies Dr. Hans Keirstead’s Status As The Choice For Elected Democrats

AISO VIEJO – Today, Aliso Viejo Mayor Pro Tem, Ross Chun announced his endorsement for Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress.

“Dr. Hans Keirstead is a successful businessman, an accomplished medical professional and a renowned scientist. His professional achievements cannot be overlooked, however it is dedication to the public good that I admire most, because it is this driving force that has led to his success in all areas, and why he is most qualified to represent us in Congress. Dr. Keirstead is not a politician, but a community leader who has demonstrated an exceptional ability to bring practical solutions to lawmakers in Washington DC throughout his career of developing lifesaving and life changing medical advancements,” stated Mayor Pro Tem Ross Chun.

“I am proud to endorse Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress in the 48th district, and look forward to his work contributing to solutions that serve his constituents, and leading new efforts to improve the lives of the communities he will represent,” said Chun.

In addition to serving as Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Aliso Viejo, Ross Chun is an environmental issues consultant. Ross Chun joins Irvine City Councilwoman Melissa Fox, Congressman Jerry McNerney, Congressman Bill Foster, State Senator Bill Dodd, former Huntington Beach Mayor Shirley Detloff in supporting Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress.


Dr. Hans Keirstead: A husband, father, scientist and Orange County business leader, Dr. Hans Keirstead is one of the world’s leading innovators in stem cell research and medical treatments. Hans has led therapy breakthroughs for late-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, and retinal diseases. Hans has launched multiple successful medical research companies in Orange County and is currently CEO at AIVITA Biomedical, where he is focusing on developing a cancer treatment that is proving to be the most effective treatment for cancer that has ever reached the final phases of clinical trials.

CA-48: Cook Political Report recently upgraded <https://click.ngpvan.com/k/643998/3880417/-96664290?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9OR1AvTkdQMDEvMS82MDY5OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICIyNGY5OGQzYi1mM2VmLWU3MTEtODBjMi0wMDE1NWRhNzVmMTgiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogImRjaG1AY294Lm5ldCINCn0%3D&hmac=BQRPD6uan7VdwqnVRg1OwsNdXkUsHt71Qzc-TZFyX-s=>  CA-48 from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up” citing Dr. Hans Keirstead’s candidacy and Dana Rohrabacher’s vulnerability.


You can visit Hans’ campaign page here HansforCa.com <https://click.ngpvan.com/k/643999/3880418/-79602640?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9OR1AvTkdQMDEvMS82MDY5OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICIyNGY5OGQzYi1mM2VmLWU3MTEtODBjMi0wMDE1NWRhNzVmMTgiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogImRjaG1AY294Lm5ldCINCn0%3D&hmac=BQRPD6uan7VdwqnVRg1OwsNdXkUsHt71Qzc-TZFyX-s=>