Old Map Shows Strawberry Fields Site is Not Part of El Toro Base

Mid 1990s map shows Strawberry Fields is not a part of El Toro

One of the principal arguments for the Strawberry Fields site is that it is part of the El Toro Airbase and veterans consider it “hallowed ground” — the last place in America many vets set foot on before shipping off to Vietnam never to return alive.  And there’s no question that the ARDA site is part of the base as many of the buildings in use during the base’s operations are still standing.

But a new map of the area — developed in the mid-1990s — has emerged showing that the Strawberry Fields site is actually not part of the base.  It is federal land but the boundaries are outside of El Toro.  The land is labeled “indefinite boundary” and is separated by the border marked “naval reservation” by the railroad tracks that run through Irvine.

Now this spot is still federal land, likely used by the government south of the runways to be a possible crash zone.  But this map shows the Strawberry field site is not a part of the hallowed ground that Vets demand.

I’m awaiting additional answers to questions — a definition of what “indefinite boundary” means exactly and the source of the map.  All I can say now if the map if from a Veteran.