Foley Removed as Costa Mesa Mayor

Katrina Foley of Costa Mesa with TheLiberalOC at the VIP suite (c) 2009,

Through outright political gamesmanship, Costa Mesa’s Katrina Foley was removed as mayor a year before she planned to run for the seat outright in a citywide election.  Sandy Genis, thought to be the swing vote on an anti-Jim Righeimer majority, has swung back and is now Mayor of Costa Mesa.

From Costa Mesa’s Geoff West on the development:

After an attempt at political trickery, Katrina Foley was ousted as the Mayor of Costa Mesa at 1:12 a.m.Mark your calendar… Wednesday, November 8, 2017 will be remembered as one of the darkest days in our city. No, no person died, but decorum, propriety, rules of procedure, civility and maybe legality all were backed against a wall before a firing squad of three individuals – Jim Righeimer, Allan Mansoor and Sandra Genis – and blasted to smithereens.

At the City Council meeting that began on November 7th Righeimer tried to quick-pitch the process and move the item – the final one on the agenda – to the first position, ahead of the Consent Calendar, both the Public Hearings and two other New Business items on the agenda. That sneaky move – clearly intended to defuse discussion of the issue by opponents – ended up going nowhere. Genis made a substitute motion to move it to the first position in New Business. Several speakers spoke negatively about moving it at all. In the end, after Foley called for a break to review a technical issue – and probably to shut Righeimer’s yap – Genis withdrew her motion and the item remained at the end of the agenda.

John Stephens made an impassioned presentation, postulating that Righeimer’s move was illegal. It turns out that Righeimer wrote the pathetic staff report with virtually no vetting by the City Attorney, Tom Duarte, who looked very feeble in his defense of that lack of action.

After 49 people spoke to the issue – 94% of which spoke in favor of Foley – at 1:12 a.m. on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, Righeimer, Mansoor and Genis voted to remove her from office! Unbelievable! And then Righeimer nominated Genis for mayor – Mansoor seconded – and she was elected. Then Mansoor was elected Mayor Pro Tem… both of those were on 3-2 votes, with Foley and John Stephens voting NO. And then, adding insult to injury, Righeimer asked the City Manager and City Attorney to investigate the behavior of “the mayor” – we presume he meant Foley – and report back in Closed Session.

What happened tonight is unprecedented! The policy of the term of the mayor was summarily dispatched by Righeimer in what was a purely political move. At least one person in addition to Stephens warned of legal action. This power grab was clearly intended to 1) cripple Foley’s run for directly-elected mayor next year, 2) open the door for Mansoor to run from an elevated position on the council for mayor next year and, 3) to remove a strong obstacle to Righeimer’s pro-development actions. Yeah, it’s politics, but it’s not the smiling face of politics – it’s more like the
putrid, unwiped other end of the political alimentary canal.

The biggest question mark of the evening was Genis’ vote, and it’s not the first time she’s cast a questionable vote. Some will recall her vote on the Commission appointments earlier this year. It’s very likely she sealed her political fate this morning. Many of the Foley supporters have also been Genis supporters, and active ones, at that. Genis has three years left on her tour before being termed out. If she has, in fact, changed camps for the remainder of her time on the dais you can expect more pro-developer action in the city. The voters will not forget this evening/morning.

From the LA Times:

Council members split along the same lines in naming Councilman Allan Mansoor to replace Genis as mayor pro tem.

That Mansoor and his ally, Councilman Jim Righeimer, would support supplanting Foley came as little surprise. They have clashed regularly with her on the dais.

Shouts of “Boo!” and “Traitor!” rang out from Foley’s supporters as Genis voted to remove her as mayor.

For about an hour and a half before that, a steady stream of residents offered almost universal praise for Foley, characterizing her as a strong and effective leader who has always represented Costa Mesa well.

Some supporters had signs reading “We support Mayor Foley” and “Remember … we vote in 2018 & 2020.”

“I can’t even express my disappointment,” Foley said after the vote. “My family walked precincts for Mayor Pro Tem Genis, my children walked neighborhood by neighborhood … I walked. I invested my personal funds to support her … I wanted us to work together as a team and I have done everything in my power to outreach to her to try to make sure I’m addressing her concerns. There really was nothing else I could do.”

Stephens, who also campaigned with Genis, said he felt “betrayed” by her actions and believes the move violates the city’s municipal code, which he said specifies that mayors serve two-year terms. The council appointed Foley as mayor last December. She has been on the council since 2014 and also was elected to the panel in 2004 and 2008.

While the code spells out that the mayor will serve a two-year term starting in 2018 — when local voters for the first time will be able to cast ballots specifically for that position — City Attorney Tom Duarte said his initial opinion is that the council could act in the interim to replace an appointed mayor.

Stephens, a business litigation attorney, responded: “I disagree with that. That’s wrong.”

In an interview after the meeting, Genis said the move to replace Foley “was not, by any means, an easy decision” and has “been building for a while.”

“She excels at certain things and is very bright, does her homework, so I can’t fault her on any of that,” Genis said. “So I think that she still has a tremendous amount to offer.”

The amount of backstabbing in local politics is creating stark divisions.  The impact will be revealed in the next election cycle.

  5 comments for “Foley Removed as Costa Mesa Mayor

  1. Geoff West
    November 13, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Thanks for including my thoughts. This was the most bizarre meeting I’ve seen in a decade! First Righeimer tried to quick-pitch the process and drag is item to the front of the agenda – before many of the Foley supporters were in the room. That didn’t work, but this rigged game ignored 50 speakers, 94% of whom supported Foley. And, a week later, we still don’t know the reason why… And, Righeimer’s parting shot about having Foley “investigated” – like a guy passing gas in a crowded elevator as he steps out – leaves that innuendo lingering in the air. Genis’ support is fractured and the damage may be permanent if she doesn’t tell the residents WHY she did this.

    • November 14, 2017 at 9:29 am

      there’s a lot of political backstabbing going on

    • Terry Koken
      November 14, 2017 at 5:37 pm

      Geoff, we miss you. Wish you were back.

      The Fairview Park Preservation Alliance devoted a bit of ink and shoe leather to Sandy Genis, mainly because she is smart, dedicated to a lot of good things in Costa Mesa, meticulous, and thorough. I don’t follow her reasoning on this one, having been out of the political scene with few exceptions since the last election, but it occurs to me that Righeimer had better watch his six pretty well, because Sandy is a whole lot smarter than he. I cannot help but think that she has something up her sleeve, which will surprise but not delight Righeimer.

      Mansoor, also, is under a cloud because of his resident status during the last election. I’ve been told a complaint has been filed against him for just that reason.

      Interestingly, Mensinger was in attendance at the council meeting last Tuesday. First time I’ve seen his face since he succumbed to “friendly fire”, though I admit I’ve not had much opportunity to do so. Thankfully.

      I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude toward last Tuesday’s event.

  2. RHackett
    November 15, 2017 at 7:51 am

    It won’t matter when she gets elected mayor next year.

  3. Zoe Freidman
    December 2, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Jim Righeimer is, and has been, personally and professionally from inception of his ‘adulthood’ – for many, many years – an extremely DISHONEST individual – Egregiously UNETHICAL and IMMORAL with wife LENE acting alongside him!!!
    Righeimer attempts to use his ‘family’ as a shield to imply contrived ‘goodness’.
    TRULY DISGUSTING and transparently abhorrent behaviors for YEARS. Righeimer will use any and all tactic’s to secure his SELF SERVING agenda.
    He will stop at nothing and will go to the extent of harming elderly people for his personal benefit and gain.
    These people are simply NOT good people!!!
    Regarding him being ‘framed’ for DUI. Righeimer has ALWAYS imbibed heavily. Keeping a bottle in his desk is/was a common practice!!!
    BEWARE, BEWARE of Jim & Lene Righeimer!!!

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