Dr. Hans Keirstead Calls on Rep. Dana Rohrabacher To Return Campaign Donation From Paul Manafort




LAGUNA BEACH – Today, after the indictment of former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort for “conspiracy against the United States,” Dr. Hans Keirstead called on Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to return the campaign donation he received from the former Trump Campaign official.


“Congressman Rohrabacher met with and received a campaign contribution from his “old friend”, Paul Manafort, who has now been charged with conspiracy against the United States. At the bare minimum, the Congressman must return the campaign donation,” said Dr. Hans Keirstead.


“It’s alleged that Manafort improperly received funds from foreign interests, and committed various money laundering and other fraud crimes. His money is tainted. Rohrabacher should give back the Russian tainted money as soon as possible,“ said Keirstead.


“Our Congressman needs to convince the people of Orange County that he wants the full, unvarnished truth about foreign interference in our elections. Rep. Rohrabacher must support the bill protecting Robert Mueller’s authority in this special investigation from executive action by President Trump,” stated Keirstead.


Dr. Hans Keirstead: A husband, father, scientist and Orange County business leader, Dr. Hans Keirstead is one of the world’s leading innovators in stem cell research and medical treatments.  Hans has led therapy breakthroughs for late-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, and retinal diseases. Hans has launched multiple successful medical research companies in Orange County and is currently CEO at AIVITA Biomedical, where he is focusing on developing a cancer treatment that is proving to be the most effective treatment for cancer that has ever reached the final phases of clinical trials.


CA-48: Cook Political Report recently upgraded CA-48 from “Lean Republian” to “Toss Up” citing Dr. Hans Keirstead’s candidacy and Dana Rohrabacher’s vulnerability.