“Reagan Democrat” Running for Congress in CD-48 Thinks Royce is Exceptional

Omar Siddiqui, Democratic candidate for the 48th Congressional District

Most politicos are aware that you do not have to live in the congressional district you seek to represent as a candidate, but in the case of self-proclaimed “Reagan Democrat” Omar Siddiqui, a principal reason why he’s challenging Rep. Dana Rohrabacher instead of the Fullerton resident’s incumbent Congressman Ed Royce is because he think’s Royce is “an exceptional representative.”

Hey kids, run from this candidate, don’t walk.

The notion of a 30-year old term of “Reagan Democrat” ought to make any decent progressive retch.  There are a bunch of Democratic candidates running against Dana — many doing a great job of raising money.  And others ought to face reality and drop out.  Run for Assembly or city council or school board where you may actually get support and money.  State Rep. Matt Harper is a pretty weak candidate and State Rep. Travis Allen will be on the ballot for Governor — so there are spots open, but you have to live in the district. (and note to any candidate running for Congress in OC — send us your announcements — we’ll run them).

Siddiqui is a lawyer and his office is based in Costa Mesa.  He told the Orange County Register in June:

“I find Congressman Ed Royce to be an exceptional representative,” said Siddiqui, a 45-year-old Muslim who has worked with the FBI and CIA to build bridges with the Islamic community in the region. “I know him and his great staff. For my work with the FBI and the FBI Citizens Academy, Congressman Royce honored me with Certificates of Congressional Recognition …  My family and I have voted for Congressman Royce for years.”

To be clear, Siddiqui’s faith, profession and past career with the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies isn’t a problem here.  The belief that Royce is a good Congressman tells you what sort of Congressman Siddiqui would be.  Would he support the terrible healthcare reform dubbed RyanCare or TrumpCare?  Would he criticize the easy-to-criticize President Trump over the Muslim Travel ban, transgender soliders in the military, or the DACA repeal?

If Siddiqui wants to challenge Dana for Congress in CD-48, perhaps he’d be more at home doing so as a registered Republican.  The only thing I can agree with this candidate on is the need for new leadership in CD-48 — but not him.