Never Forget

9/11 Memorial & Museum

September 11 is an unofficial solemn holiday in America.  A major attack on US soil, thousands dead.  Major changes in security policy erected overnight.

Today is a day of reflection.  For many, a day of prayer.  And today is a reminder of how America — as divided a nation as we are — can come together.

If you get the chance, no trip to New York City is complete without a trip to the 9/11 Memorial.  The museum is well worth your time.  It’s not uncommon to see tears on the person who has stopped to touch the name of a lost friend or family member from that awful day.  I prefer to remember the heroism and bravery of the police and fire department personnel, the transit workers, and volunteers who came to the aide of the afflicted.

It doesn’t seem possible that kids in high school today really have no memory of the day itself.  It’s important for them to know the story.

9/11 Museum New York City

9/11 Memorial New York City