Rep. Honda – a Progressive champion in Congress – Endorses Kia Hamadanchy in his Campaign to Flip California’s 45th Blue

Irvine, CA – Congressman Mike Honda announced today that he is endorsing Kia Hamadanchy’s campaign to represent California’s 45th District in the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Honda cited Kia’s experience, knowledge, and progressive values as reasons for his support.

“I’m pleased to endorse Kia Hamadanchy in his bid for California’s 45th Congressional District,” said Honda. “As an American of Japanese ancestry, I experienced what happens when the government sets aside protection of the Constitution because of hysteria, racial and religious bigotry, along the failure of political leadership.”

“I believe Kia, as an American of Iranian ancestry with a strong background in Constitutional law, knows how to navigate this country through troubled waters. I strongly believe he will fulfill his oath to protect each individual of this country from threats both foreign and domestic.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Mike Honda,” said Kia. “Congressman Honda spent his entire tenure in the House standing up for the progressive values that I stand for and am running on. His leadership while leading the push for justice for the horrors that occurred against Korean comfort women during WWII is personally inspiring, and I plan to continue his work when elected.”

“Congressman Honda always fought for those, like Korean Americans and the LGBTQ community, who are underrepresented in our government. I am running to be the first Iranian American Member of Congress, but I can tell you that Congressman Honda also stood up for the Iranian American community at every turn. It is for all these reasons that I am grateful to have his endorsement.”