Phil Janowicz Releases Tuition-Free Community College Plan

Phil Janowicz

Buena Park, CA–With millions of students across the country now returning to school, the Phil Janowicz for Congress campaign released today the Hiring Opportunities and Practical Education (HOPE) Act. This act guarantees tuition-free community college and vocational programs for eligible students and distressed workers without any new federal taxes. The program is funded from the savings from a reduction in government spending and an end to taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies.

“With tuition costs soaring, it’s past time we invest in our students and stop taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies,” stated Phil Janowicz. “Nearly every family faces decisions related to college or career choices. Whether a student wants to begin their prerequisite classes at a community college, pursue a trade, or earn a certification, reducing their financial burden must be a priority. We need to prepare our students for the jobs of the future. Oil and gas companies are making record profits while still receiving subsidies from taxpayers. Our students are worth more than an oil companies’ bottom line.”

The HOPE Act is rooted in bipartisan attempts by lawmakers to reduce tuition costs and make higher education and vocational training more accessible, while also tackling soaring household debt and a declining labor participation rate. By addressing waste and distortionary giveaways, the plan pays for itself with no new federal taxes.

Highlights of the plan include:

-Potential savings for students and families of up to $3,800 per year.

-$70 Billion in identified federal savings, ensuring the plan is revenue-neutral.

– Accountability based on Sen. Marco Rubio’s “Know Before You Go” legislation, which requires colleges to provide salary information for degree programs and a vetting process to ensure colleges are delivering results, as well as including grade requirements for students.

-88% of the costs of the plan covered at the federal level. Higher funding levels encourages participation by states, which helps more students.

-Modeling based on successful implementation in Tennessee, which has been a pioneer in making community college and vocational programs more affordable. Locally, in Long Beach, a similar program has boosted attendance by 71%.

The Janowicz campaign has made its white paper available on the HOPE Act. This goes into detail on the importance of tackling this important issue, how the savings are achieved to ensure no tax increases, and how both colleges and students are responsible to provide accountability and transparency.

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About Phil: Phil Janowicz is President and CEO of Quill & Abacus, an education consulting firm focused on narrowing the opportunity gap for first-generation and low-income students. He formerly taught chemistry at CSUF. There, he founded the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program for Chemistry, which provides extra instruction, mentoring, and support for students. Phil is the only Democratic challenger in CA-39 who voted against Royce in 2016. He lives in Buena Park with his wife, Angela, a native of Rowland Heights and an English Teacher at Fullerton College. They have two dogs, Molly and Jasmine, and a cat named Arya.