Labor Day Fundraiser for Northwood High and Eli Home

There’s a charity fundraiser this weekend for one of my two favorite charities — the Northwood High Drama Department.  And over the last few years, I’ve been able to drag along another favorite charity — The Eli Home.

The NHS drama group is selling brand new discounted mattresses this weekend at Northwood High in Irvine.  You don’t need a new mattress?  No problem, go buy a new bed for the kids Lorri Galloway takes care of at The Eli Home.  A new bed for little kids facing an abusive parent provides a measure of safety, security and comfort.

I’m going Sunday and will be purchasing my 7th or 8th mattress for the kids in Lorri’s care even thought my daughter has graduated.

Please join me in giving generously to two worth charities.  Sale is Saturday and Sunday only on campus at Northwood High.