Wonkette Savages Dana Over Wikileaks Meeting and Pending Trump De-Brief

The Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava by William Simpson (1855), illustrating the Light Brigade’s charge into the “Valley of Death” from the Russian perspective.

One of our favorite sites, Wonkette.com, takes a huge bite out of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s backside over his recent meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and a pending de-brief of the meeting Dana is arranging with President Trump.

From Wonkette:

We’ve talked about Dana Rohrabacher, the good congressman representing Moscow, quite a bit lately. He’s kind of a weird wang-like offshoot of the larger Trump-Russia investigation, because of how he so obviously is working for Russia. (He used to work for the Taliban, no, for real, but he switched parties.) He wants to get rid of all the sanctions on Russia, just like Donald Trump and that Russian lady lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Trump’s unfortunately shaped first son at Trump Tower.

We also knew Rohrabacher would probably be doing a “rendezvous” with Donald Trump sometime soon, so he could whisper Julian Assange’s sweet secrets directly into Donald Trump’s B-hole. A couple weeks ago, news broke that AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST Chuck C. Johnson had arranged a lovers’ weekend for Rohrabacher and WikiLeaks troll Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy, ostensibly because Rohrabacher wants to make some sort of deal to get Trump to pardon Assange for his many crimes against the United States, instead of locking him up forever like he deserves.

Assange also supposedly told Rohrabacher MANY DELUXE TOP SECRET THINGS, intended for Trump’s ears only. For instance, Assange explained that, despite what 17 American intelligence agencies and just regular common sense say, Russia DID NOT do the hacking in last year’s election. And now plans for Rohrabacher and Trump to get together for a secret Pussgrab ‘n’ Chill session are under way, according to Dana Rohrabacher, who filled gullible Trump idiot Sean Hannity in on the details on Monday.
Dana has done more for Russia and Putin in the last few years than he has for his district in California.  There are lots of solid Democratic candidates vying to replace him.  He needs to go.