Democrat Dave Min (CA-45) Invites Rep. Mimi Walters to Town Hall, Highlights Absence from Community


Irvine, CA – Dave Min, Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional District, invited incumbent Representative Mimi Walters to the third in-person constituent town hall he has held since he first launched his campaign in April. Following Min’s August 17 announcement of a third town hall, (which will be held on August 30 from 6pm-8pm, at the East Anaheim Community Center), Rep. Walters declared yesterday that she, too, would be holding a teleconference “town hall.”

“I’ve been out in our community for months now, listening to the concerns of our constituents. The biggest question that is consistently raised is ‘Why won’t our representative come to our district to listen to us?’. This is the third town hall of my campaign, and I invite Rep. Walters to come out to meet the great people who live and work here and are trying to build a better future for their families in CA-45,” said Dave Min, “A telephone town hall is not how you engage and build consensus. It is not how voters can hold their representatives accountable. Voters in the 45th district deserve the opportunity to ask their questions and share their concerns with their Representative in-person. This is clear evidence of how out of touch with the 45th District Walters is.”

“Rep. Walters is on recess right now – that is supposed to be time spent here in our district,” said Paige Hutchinson, Manager for Dave Min’s campaign. “Rep. Walters’ absence from our community is insulting to the people here who have a problem with a 100% Trump voting record.”

This is the second time this year that Rep. Walters has reacted to Min’s leadership in holding in-person town halls by arranging to hold a teleconference. On April 22, Min tweeted that he would be holding his first town hall on May 2. Rep. Walters responded by announcing on May 1 that she would be hosting a “telephone town hall” that evening. This was a highly scripted teleconference in which Rep. Walters events have been highly scripted teleconferences in which she read prepared answers to pre-screened questions as a way to and avoid interacting with her constituents, whose telephone lines were silenced after their initial question was asked.Representative Walters repeatedly has refused to hold an authentic town hall with the constituents of CA-45 since she took office.

Dave Min is a nationally-recognized expert on economic policy who has fought to protect and strengthen economic opportunity for working Americans for nearly two decades. Dave is a professor at the University of California-Irvine School of Law, and lives in Irvine with his family. A former enforcement attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission and economic policy advisor to Senator Chuck Schumer and the Center for American Progress, Dave is running for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional District. Learn more at



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  1. junior
    August 25, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Why should Republican legislators subject themselves to Dem “disrupters”? These disrupters don’t want conversation they want confrontation and chaos.

  2. junior
    August 27, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    ‘Well-oiled’ activist ops targeting GOP reps at their homes, hijacking town halls

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