In July, technology entrepreneur and former Obama Senior Advisor, Brian Forde, announced his run for Congress in California’s 45th District.

“Virtually every challenge we face today — economic growth, national security, cybersecurity, healthcare, personal privacy, climate change, and retirement security — is intertwined with technology,” said Forde. “And yet, very few members of Congress understand technology at a level that allows them to address these challenges.”

Forde, who lives in Lake Forest, was born and raised in Tustin, where his parents still live. “I went to school here. I started my first business here. And I care deeply about our community,” said Forde. “In Congress, I will fight against the Trump-Walters agenda, which is hurting families in our district. But, even more importantly, I will fight for policy innovations that help us address the problems people here in Orange County face in their daily lives.”

As a Senior Advisor on technology in the Obama White House, Forde helped lead the President’s Climate Data Initiative, led an innovation task force to revitalize the City of Detroit’s IT infrastructure after bankruptcy, and started TechHire, the Obama Administration’s much lauded apprenticeship program that expanded access to skills training for jobs in today’s technology-driven economy.

“While at the White House, Brian led extraordinary initiatives to leverage the power of tech and innovation to make the future of America ever brighter,” said Todd Park, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer. “The impact of Brian’s work will continue to be felt by Americans for years to come. I have no doubt that Brian would be a force for good on a national scale if he wins this race.”

Forde joins one of the most-watched congressional races in the country. California’s 45th District is one of a handful of swing districts that will determine which party controls the House of Representatives in 2018.

Forde’s supporters in District 45 are confident their candidate’s expertise and experience put him in a league of his own. They credit Forde’s straightforward, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to tackling complicated problems as a quality that will make him successful both on the campaign trail and in Congress.

“If you want honesty and integrity in government, Brian Forde is the candidate you want to elect,” said Linda Levine, an award-winning local teacher who taught Forde government and coached him in Model United Nations when he was a student at Tustin High School. “I have known Brian for over 20 years and I’ve always been impressed with his work ethic and character. He is an excellent listener and problem solver.  He gets the job done.”

Forde believes that his unique experience combining innovative technologies with government leadership is something that is desperately needed in Congress, where only four percent of lawmakers have technical backgrounds.

“Over the next decade, many of America’s most serious challenges will come from technology. Emerging technologies are fundamentally reshaping our world — reshaping how we live, reshaping how we work, reshaping how and what we learn,” observed Forde. “We must prepare today so that technological change benefits and includes all Americans. We need leaders who aren’t reacting to change, but rather using this moment to define what our future will look like.”