Rep. Correa Introduces cybersecurity bill to protect NATO allies from Russian aggression

Senator Lou Correa, (Photo:Lou Delgado)


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Correa introduced the “Enhanced Partner Cyber Capabilities Act” which will drastically increase America and its NATO allies’ security from cyber-attacks by directing the President to specifically develop offensive cyber capability strategies and information and method sharing with our NATO allies.

The bill will:

1.    Call on DoD to update its cyber strategy.

2.    Require the President to draft a strategy for offensive cyber capabilities.

3.    Authorize international cooperation, including building up NATO partner cyber capabilities.

Rep. Correa said, “World War III is raging right now in cyber space. With the increased frequency of cyber-attacks executed by foreign advisories we must increase our investments into securing our networks. My bill will increase our offensive cyber abilities to help prevent our advisories from engaging in the types of cyber-espionage we saw during the past election. Protecting our networks is vital to privacy and the health of our democracy.”