Rouda Challenges Dana to Debate

Harley Rouda

Does anyone think Dana Rohrabacher has the actual courage to debate anyone on the issues?  I don’t, but a hat tip to candidate Harley Rouda in challenging Dana to debate to confirm Rohrabacher’s cowardice.

Here’s the announcement:

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — On the heels of Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s much reported meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump yesterday at the White House, today, Democratic businessman Harley Rouda issued a challenge to his opponent calling on the incumbent to join him in a series of five debates for the upcoming open primary election in June of 2018. In issuing the formal debate invitation to incumbent Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Democrat Harley Rouda submitted a formal letter earlier today directly to Rohrabacher via email. To view the letter click here. The Rouda for Congress campaign is available to immediately begin negotiations for debate logistics in terms of dates, times and locations. The campaign proposes five debates focusing on the following topics: 1) Healthcare, Women’s Rights, Planned Parenthood, Medicare and Social Security 2) The Environment and Immigration Reform 3) Jobs and the Economy 4) The Ongoing Investigation of the Russian Hacking in the 2016 Election 5) International Affiars Ranging from Trade to Global Conflicts

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of several recent campaign updates, all of which reflect Rouda’s increasing momentum, including:

Here’s the letter Rouda sent to Rohrabacher:

Dear Congressman Dana Rohrabacher:

Democrat Harley Rouda here.

I’m reaching out because as I criss-cross the 48th Congressional District, I’m hearing from voters who are thirsting for a dialogue surrounding many of the key issues facing Orange County and our nation.

The people of Orange County embody some of the most well-informed, highly educated voters in the country. They’re thoughtful, civically engaged, and deserve to have a spirited debate about the issues, what’s going on in Washington, and the direction of our country in the years ahead.

Clearly, you and I differ on these issues, whether it’s the role and America’s relationship with Russia or the impact of climate change, women’s access to reproductive healthcare or the responsibilities of the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as how to address immigration reform, grow our middle class economy, protect workers’ rights, along with the funding of Planned Parenthood and more.

Given this stark contrast between our two sets of priorities for Washington, I am issuing a formal debate challenge to you, today, and ask that you join me in appearing in five debates over the course of the upcoming open primary election for California’s 48th District.

I believe that our differing world views warrant an opportunity for the voters of the 48th District to see, hear and learn from each of us, together, on the debate stage, about our varying visions for the future.

If you believe that voters have a right to meet and listen to the candidates and to get informed about our positions on the issues, then you will accept this invitation, and join me in a series of five debates.

I’ll meet you anywhere, any time, and at any location in the 48th District.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Harley Rouda


Democratic Candidate, CA-48