Anaheim’s Al Jabbar wins Local Campaign Manager of the Year from AAPC

Al Jabbar, Trustee Anaheim Union High School District

The American Association of Political Consultants has honored Anaheim’s Al Jabbar with a “Pollie” Award for top Local Campaign Manager of the Year for his management of Dr. Jose F. Moreno’s District 3 City Council Race.

Chuck Rocha of Solidarity Strategies, who nominated Jabbar, posted this on social media:

Tonights American Association of Political Consultants campaign excellent #pollie2017 for campaign manager of the year goes to Solidarity Strategies, LLC client Jose F. Moreno campaign manager Al Jabbar a Muslim immigrant who managed the campaign of a formally undocumented Mexican immigrant who hired a Mexican Redneck consultant. We won by 72 votes while being outspent 15-1! #proud #brownconsultantsmatter.

Our congratulations to Al Jabbar for the award.

The AAPC also awarded Kellyanne Conway with its 2016 MVP Award for her work on the Trump campaign.




  1 comment for “Anaheim’s Al Jabbar wins Local Campaign Manager of the Year from AAPC

  1. thelyraplayer
    March 21, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong Dan, but the congratulations aren’t coming from you. Are they? You have opposed, and continued to oppose, Dr Moreno.

    All of sudden you pretend to be the champion of Latinos, calling for sanctuary cities everywhere, not out of genuine concern for Latinos but to score points.

    Who did you support when the far reaching deal of making Disney a tax exempt corporation for decades was approved?
    The business Dem in Anaheim, Jordan Brandman.

    That deal tied the ability of future councils, probably and hopefully Dems for lack of better alternatives, to fund services for the residents, a large percentage Latinos.

    You and the other mouthpiece for lobbyists, the one you constantly pingback, have kept Anaheim in their pockets and both of you consistently attack Dr Moreno.

    Like this one : Pingback: District 3: Moreno Requested “Probation Rather Than Jail Time” for Man Convicted In Domestic Violence Case – Anaheim Blog

    I need to talk to Fran to pull the DPOC ad from your blog.

    We’re doing fine, we’ve been flooded with stories about Miguel.

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