Mimi Draws Two Challengers

Mimi Walters Office closes early

Congresswoman Mimi Walters (CA-45), who continues to refuse town hall meetings with those she says — without proof — are paid protesters, has drawn not one but two challengers for Congress.  Both will have to overcome a decided registration advantage and raise money.

Rob Schneiderman, a professor at  Orange Coast College and president of the Coast Federation of Educators, has established a CrowdPAC campaign site to raise $5,000 needed to file with the Federal Elections Commission to run for Congress.  Schneiderman’s calls his committee the “CA-45 Liberty and Integrity Committee.”

From this page:  “I have been a professor at Orange Coast College since 1997. I am currently the elected President of the Coast Federation of Educators, the faculty union representing about 1000 full-time and part-time faculty at Orange Coast College, Golden West College, and Coastline College. I have participated in many political campaigns through the Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) and the California Federation of Teachers. Additionally, I was the political chair for the faculty union’s political action committee. I am the representative for the Coast Community College Faculty at regional (OCLF) political endorsements. I also serve as a representative for Orange County labor at Statewide labor endorsements. I also served as a statewide political leader with the California Federation of Teachers.”

His platform is:

1. I will hold regular town hall meetings in the district.

2. Protect woman’s right to control their own reproductive rights. We do not need big government making decisions on woman’s health issues. Publicly speak out against the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

3. I will not support and will publicly speak out against legislation which will accelerate global warming. Easing EPA regulation of CO2 will negatively impact the Sierra Nevada Snowpack and impact our beaches because of rising sea levels.

4. Publicly have the integrity to stand-up to Donald Trump when he signs unethical executive orders which discriminate against our CA-45 residents who are from Muslim majority nations.

5. Remain fiscally conservative. We need to prioritize government spending. I would prioritize education and infrastructure projects instead of wasting money on a wall between the USA and Mexico. In America, our university students should not graduate buried in debt and our roads should not be littered with potholes.

6. No Repeal of ACA without a replacement that provides affordable coverage to all Americans.

Berniecrat Ron Varasteh, the chair of the Democrats of Greater Irvine, who lost to Mimi by more than 53,000 votes in November, told those attending an activist’s forum over the weekend that he will challenge for the Democratic nod again.  Varasteh states he has received more votes for Congress than any Democrat in Orange County.  And while that’s true, even if Varasteh got every registered Democratic vote, Walters smoked him with NPP voters.

Varasteh raised very little money for a Congressional race — his second in OC but first in the 45th.  Varasteh claims Mimi outspent him 40 to 1; its more likely she outraised him 40 to 1.  For Varasteh to have a shot, he’s going to need to do serious fence mending with a large number of Hillarycrats in OC.

There are calls in various social media forums hoping Beth Krom might take another shot at running for Congress.  Krom was very successful raising money in 2010 fror a race against Rep. John Campbell, but 2010 was a horror show for most Congressional candidates with a D next to their names due to the Tea Party.


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    Run, Beth, Run!

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