Dana gets a New Challenger: Laura Oatman Plans to Run for Congress

Laura R. Oatman

Laura R. Oatman, who runs Oatman Architects in Newport Beach, is planning a run for Congress to challenge Dana Rohrabacher in CD-48.  While she hasn’t formally announced her candidacy, she told TheLiberalOC last Friday she’s planning to run and will make a more formal announcement in the future.

Oatman would join Harley E. Rouda Jr. and Boyd Roberts, two South County businessmen, who have formally launched a campaign for Congress in a district with a huge Republican voter registration advantage.

Oatman attended the last DPOC meeting and was introduced to those in attendance by former State Senator Joe Dunn.  She was about to make a short speech but was cut off due to interests of time.

The good news is Democrats will have three strong candidates to choose from; the victor will need to network with party leaders in Coastal County cities, raise money and will require a massive GOTV campaign.

I’m still surprised Rohrabacher is still in Congress as many believed he’d have received a position within the Trump administration by now.  Former GOP chair Scott Baugh is waiting in the wings to run as a Republican if Dana gets a promotion to Ambassador or a job within the State Department.

  3 comments for “Dana gets a New Challenger: Laura Oatman Plans to Run for Congress

  1. Robert Soloway
    March 6, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    Do any of the 3 candidates have a website or facebook page where we can see their positions?

  2. Audrey Prosser
    March 8, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Dana Rohrabacher will be forced to defend is connection to Russia. He can’t hide behind locked doors anymore.

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