Senator Newman Announces Inaugural Legislative Package



SACRAMENTO- California State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today announced the introduction of his 2017-18 bill package. This introduction comes after all members of the legislature had a bill introduction deadline of February 17th.

Senator Newman released the following statement regarding his 2017-18 legislative bill package:

“The bills I’ve introduced in this, my first legislative session, are consistent with the commitment I made to my constituents throughout my campaign: to provide principled, thoughtful, and responsive leadership as their advocate and voice in the State Senate.  Each of the bills addresses real problems and uses good government to come up with appropriate, common sense, and cost-effective solutions.  I’m gratified at the support I’ve received from my colleagues thus far and excited about working through next steps on the legislative process, both on my bills as well as the legislative process overall.”

Senator Newman has introduced a total of eighteen bills; eleven of those bills contain the legislative language that he will move ahead, while seven were introduced as “spot” bills, with the exact language to be added soon for these measures. Each member of the Senate can introduce a maximum of 40 bills per session.

Some highlights from Senator Newman’s legislative package (additional bill summaries can be found on his website at ) :

SCA 2 – Transportation Revenue Lockbox: Will ensure that any future revenues passed by the Legislature to pay for road and highway maintenance will be spent exclusively on vitally needed repairs and not on other legislative priorities.

SB 52 – District of Choice Sunset Extension: Will extend the School District of Choice program until July 1, 2022 and will allow participating school districts to continue to accept student transfers from outside their district boundaries.

SB 455 – Pre-transfer Enrollment for Military Children: Will allow military families moving to California to register their children for school in advance of their move on a preliminary basis, so long as they provide proof of residence within 10 days of the prescribed date of the Permanent Change of Station order.

SB 660 – Aftermarket Automotive Parts Sector Support: Will authorize the State Air Resources Board to enter into agreements with private entities and receive monetary contributions from them in order to hire more staff to process a backlog of emission standards applications and allow for a higher level of compliance in a faster amount of time.

SB 673 – Pet Lover’s License Plate Fund Disbursement: Will facilitate the disbursement of funds that have been raised by the sale of Pet Lover’s license plates.

SB 747 – National Guard Officer Appointments: Will allow commissioned officers of the California National Guard who relocate outside California to retain their commissions and continue to serve in California National Guard units.