OC Young Democrats Elect Board, Launch Committee to Resist Trump Administration

2017 OCYD Executive Board

Orange County— February 9, 2017 — Last night in Newport Beach, more than 65 young Democrats attended the Orange County Young Democrats’ February meeting to elect a new board and launch the organization’s new Trump Resistance Committee.

The Orange County Young Democrats (OCYD) saw exceptional attendance last night as more than 65 local young professionals and students came together for its February meeting. The membership voted in a new executive board and saw the launch of a new Trump Resistance Committee, which will present hands-on opportunities for young Democrats in OC who are passionately against Trump’s agenda.

The purpose of the Trump Resistance Committee is “to support local movements in Orange County that strategically pressure our members of Congress to oppose Trump’s un-American policies.” The committee is guided by the principles and plan of action outlined in the popular Indivisible Guide.  The committee will partner with local organizations including Indivisible OC. The launch saw enthusiastic support from members, many of whom signed up to get involved in calls to action and organizing opportunities.

The meeting was advertised through an aggressive social media campaign which touted the organization as an entry point for those looking to get involved in resisting Trump’s plainly anti-American agenda. The organization believes that the high turn-out was the result of the momentum building among many young people since Donald Trump’s election and his actions during his first few weeks in office. As Danielle Serbin, OCYD’s newly elected Chair explained: “We went blue as a county during the presidential election. It’s clear Orange County is shifting politically. A lot of young people in our community are disturbed by President Trump’s actions and hateful rhetoric, and they want to be a part of the OC’s shift toward Democratic values.”

About the Orange County Young Democrats:

We are Orange County young workers, young families, college and high school students— ages 14-35 — who are committed to Democratic Values. OCYD meets the second Wednesday of each month and brings together a diverse coalition of community members. For more information, visit us online at OCYD.org or Facebook.com/TheRealOCYD.  You can also find us on Twitter: @OCYD.

  4 comments for “OC Young Democrats Elect Board, Launch Committee to Resist Trump Administration

  1. Pam
    February 11, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Good for this group. Seeing young people at the WMW and here are so encouraging. Sending best wishes and encouragements to PERSIST.

  2. DJ Green
    February 14, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Best wishes indeed! I’m a member of DEMOCPAC and was wondering why there were no young people at these meetings. Now I know. So proud of you for doing this and can’t wait to see what you do and who among you runs for Congress in 2018. If you need help/support please reach out!

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