Trump is President; It’s Deja Vu to 2005 all over again

In the days after George W. Bush was re-elected by the smallest margin ever for a sitting president, the dark times of 2005 haunted Democrats.  What did we do?  We organized, we raised money and we found candidates and a message to connect with voters to take both the House and the Senate back in 2006.

We already know what to do; we just have to do it…again.

We have about 660 days until the 2018 mid-term elections.  Time to rise up.  Thinking about running for office?  Now is the time to organize, put a team together, get your message down and start raising money.

There seems to be a perception of sorts that the Democratic Party is broken somehow.  We failed to take the Senate or the House.  And in rustbelt states, you can certainly make that case.  However, the American people are impatient.  The Trump administration will surely help Democrats there see the con artist-in-chief for who and what he really is.  It’s going to be easy for middle class Americans to see how Congressional Republicans will dismantle elements that most benefit middle American families in favor of the one percent.  Democrats need to shine a light to expose Republicans and show a new and better path for voters when it comes to 2018.

But I reject notions the Democratic Party is broken.  Our candidate got nearly 3 million more votes than the Republican nominee.  Democratic candidates got more votes than Republicans for senate.  Republicans did edge out Democrats in total votes for the House of Representatives.  In California, Democrats have super majorities in the State Senate and the State Assembly.  Orange County went blue for a presidential candidate for the first time in decades.  And who knows what scandals will be exposed by an energized press looking into the Trump administration.

Our party isn’t broken to be point where it has to be fixed by a failed presidential candidate who isn’t a member of our party.

So what to do next?  Volunteer for causes you care about.  Contribute to progressive causes.  Protest changes that hurt Americans.  Get active.  Speak out.

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