Good Luck OC Democrats, and Good Bye (for now) to Others

It’s December 13th and it seems every newly elected OC Democrat is being sworn in today.  And some friends are leaving office today as well.

In Irvine, Melissa Fox is officially sworn in on the City Council while we say goodbye (for now many hope) to Beth Krom, who leaves office as Mayor.

In Anaheim, Dr.Jose Moreno takes over for Jordan Brandman in District 3 but due to council expansion, we go from one Democrat out of five to one Democrat out of seven.

In Garden Grove, Kim Bernice Nguyen becomes one of the youngest elected in City history and the first Latina (in addition to being half-Vietnamese). We say goodbye to Mayor Bao Nguyen, but hope its not for long.  The CD-46 race for Congress did pit friends against friends in the primary and the general. Bao has a bright future in this party but needs to understand a lack of support from him in this race is not a disqualifier for future races (reconsider those defriended on Facebook when it comes time for raising money for the next race).

Jesus Silva is a welcome addition to the Fullerton city council and that rare leader who spends more time listening than speaking. We wish him every success.

Jose Solorio rejoins the Santa Ana City Council and we say goodbye to Roman Reyna.

While she was sworn in a few days ago, Letitia Clark in Tustin joins Beck Gomez as Democrats on the city council.  Her election is historic in the City of Tustin in many ways.

I know I’m leaving out a number of other elected in other cities and towns, and its more a function of available time to write this than anything else.

Enjoy the ceremonies, the receptions and the well wishes.  The hard work of governing starts now.