Fullerton, CA – Josh Newman has won election to represent California’s 29th Senate District. The race, which was the final legislative election in the state where the outcome remained in doubt, was called by the Associated Press earlier today.

In response to being declared the winner, Newman stated:

“I am immensely honored to have earned the trust and support of so many of my neighbors, who’ve placed their faith and trust in me as their next state senator. I started out this quest well over a year ago with a very simple message: that when we vote, we’re engaging in a collective process of hiring those who would represent us at a particular level of government. In the case of my race, it’s very gratifying to note that my emphasis on public service, better government and increased transparency was sufficient to offset the intense negativity and obscene levels of spending on the other side. I could not be prouder or more grateful to all of the good people and organizations who offered their support over the course of the campaign. I’m equally optimistic about the future of our state, and I’m very much looking forward to serving all of the residents of the 17 cities across three counties that together comprise California’s 29th Senate District.”

Newman’s underdog campaign earned powerful endorsements over the final weeks from President Barack Obama, U.S. Senator-elect Kamala Harris, and Governor Jerry Brown. He prevailed despite being outspent by a margin of nearly three-to-one when factoring in independent expenditures. Picking up the seat gives Democrats a supermajority in the California State Senate.

Josh Newman will be sworn-in to office on Monday, December 5th in Sacramento.

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  1. Robert Curtis
    December 6, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    I’m the odd man out on this election being I’m a Republican that supported a fellow Army veteran Josh Newman. The guy’s got it all …the brains (Yale Grad), leadership and good business sense. I am believing in great things from this former US Army captain. If ever there was a Captain America we might just find him in Senator Josh Newman…IMO

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