Orange County’s Progressive Power Couple

Sharon Quirk-Silva

With the results still coming in, it’s all but certain that Sharon Quirk-Silva will return to her seat in AD-65 with a victory over Trump-supporter Young Kim.  And let’s add her husband, Fullerton city council member elect Jesus Silva to Democrats who won on election night in Orange County.

The Silva’s are OC’s new political power couple and the first in recent memory who are Democrats.

At OC Daily, Matt Cunningham suggests because Republicans couldn’t rally around the strongest Republican candidate, but that’s weak sauce because Jesus Silva has considerable integrity and his record as a school teacher is exemplary making he very well known to Fullerton voters.

I’m delighted Sharon will return to the Assembly and hope she resumes her fight for the Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park.  The dual election of Sharon and Jesus bodes well for Fullerton on a number of fronts.  Both talk everyday and more importantly, they listen to each other.  Power.  Couple.