OC Register declined to endorse Rohrabacher; an Opp for Dr. Sue

Why do some candidates run against all odds?

Suzanne Savary, Photo Credit: ANA VENEGAS , STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER – OC Register

This came in from the Sue Savary campaign:

The O. C. Register did not endorse Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for the 48th Congressional District which will benefit his opponent Dr. Suzanne Savary.

Savary is not a career politician, but is a business owner, university educator, community leader, woman and family advocate and, a 2014 and 2016 candidate for congress. She has been active on community boards and a leader of non-profit organizations.

The O. C. Register did endorse Rep. Rohrabacher in 2014.

So what changed from 2014 to 2016?

Rohrabacher’s record was revealed:

  1. He supports Trump and excused Trump for his “groping women” comments.
  2. He voted against women’s issues.
  3. He supports Vladimir Putin.
  4. His unjustified denial of climate change.
  5. His poor legislative performance, after more than 300 attempts, only 3 bills passed into law in 27 years.
  6. His lack of support to resolve local issues that need federal support like nuclear waste at San Onofre and unacceptable JWA flight patterns over residential areas.

Rep. Rohrabacher should be replaced by Dr. Sue Savary for the 48th Congressional District.


Recent Survey* results show that when voters learn the differences between Savary and Rohrabacher, they vote 47% to 43% for Savary.

*Gravis Marketing 10/31/16 – 11/02/16 Survey

It’s time to replace a 27-year career politician with

  1. SUZANNE SAVARY, a USC Business Professor, Small Business Owner, and Women and Family advocate.



Rohrabacher voted against women’s issues.

Voted NO on reauthorizing Violence Against Women Act, Fair Pay Act for Women and Defended Trump’s “Groping Women” language.

Savary is a strong advocate for Women’s rights and equal pay.



Rohrabacher supports Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Including his military aggression in the Crimea, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Savary supports America’s foreign policy.



Rohrabacher denies Global Warming:

Criticized Pope Francis’ position on Climate change and

said that climate change is created by dinosaur flatulence.


Savary supports efforts to reduce the risk of climate

change without negatively impacting the economy.

Savary supports a clean environment including eliminating

the risk of stored nuclear waste leakage at the San Onofre Power Plant.




For more information, contact: Patricia Humphreys at 949 610-3497 or pahumphreys221@gmail.com

For more information on Dr. Sue Savary, visit drsuesavary.com