Democrats of Greater Irvine Remind Voters of GOP Candidate’s Records


Dear Fellow Democrats,

This election is not just about policies and programs.  Far more than any other election in our lifetime, this election is about fundamental values and character of our nation.

Of course, most of us are focused on our national election and preventing the catastrophe of a Donald Trump presidency.

But similar issues of values and character are at stake in our local election in Irvine.

The three primary Republican candidates in Irvine – Donald Wagner, Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo – are united in being allied with bigotry.

Wagner has close ties to Joe Apraio, who is now charged with willfully disobeying a judge’s order to stop targeting Latinos, including citizens. Wagner has also been notorious for his ties to Holocaust deniers. Shea started her political career attacking LGBT people in Irvine and, most recently, has been accused of antisemitism by fellow Republican Jeff Lalloway.

And none of them have spoken out against Donald Trump’s vicious attacks on Mexican-Americans, Muslims, women, veterans with PTSD, and the disabled.  Like Trump, Wagner, Shea and Kuo do not represent the inclusiveness and diversity we treasure in Irvine.

Democrats: We can’t allow the City of Irvine to be represented by bigots and Trump supporters!

Vote for the officially endorsed Democratic Team of Mary Ann Gaido for Mayor, and Farrah N. Khan and Melissa Fox for City Council! 


Henry Vandermeir

Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County