Sanchez is the overwhelming choice of Latino voters for US Senate

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

If you were at all curious about the impact of the Latino vote in the presidential and federal downticket races, NALEO’s survey of Latino voters offers this new survey.

The poll covers states with a significant Latino population and there’s a state-by-state breakdown.  When we get to the US Senate candidates, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez holds a commanding lead over AG Kamala Harris 47% to 30%.  The undecided still make up 22% so if both candidates split the vote, Sanchez would have a commanding lead among these voters.  Turnout and new voter registration are going to be key.

In California, Hillary Clinton has 68% of favorable or somewhat favorable, compared to 15% for Republican Donald Trump.  A full 62% of Latino voters are all in for Hillary compared to 5% for Trump.  It’s not going to be pretty.

For California Democrats in Congress, Latino voters with favorable or somewhat favorable leanings come in at 66% while California Republicans in Congress have a 25% favorable or mostly favorable rate.