Varasteh calls on Mimi Walters to Renounce Her Support of Trump

Ron Varasteh

Ron Varasteh

Editor’s note: this is from the Ron Varasteh for Congress campaign: 

Last week, the OC Register said there is “no reason to unseat” Mimi Walters, who is running against Ron Varasteh for U.S. Congress in California’s District 45 in Orange County. We couldn’t disagree more. On October 11, Ron Varasteh released a statement calling on Mimi to renounce her support and official endorsement of Donald Trump. Mimi apparently hasn’t changed her mind, and still continues to support Trump even after the videotape released earlier this month confirmed what everyone already knew about Trump– that he is demeaning and disrespectful towards women and harbors a dangerously flippant attitude towards sexual assault.

In addition, Mimi’s ongoing support for Donald Trump seems puzzling and even hypocritical given her well-known advocacy on behalf of survivors of sexual assault. In their endorsement of Mimi Walters, the OC Register lauded Mimi for co-sponsoring the Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act. However, if she was serious about preventing sexual assault she would immediately renounce her official support and endorsement of Donald Trump.

Mimi Walters has also marched in lock-step with a political establishment in Washington DC that is increasingly out of touch with the American people. Both major parties have now become captured by powerful corporate lobbyists who simply don’t care about hard-working American families. As ordinary Americans, we no longer have a say in government because our politicians are beholden to their big-money campaign donors, and Mimi Walters is no exception.

Fortunately, there are a few brave souls in Washington who are willing to speak out against this crony-capitalist system. For example, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) said the 2016 budget agreement was “rotten to its core” because “corporate lobbyists had a field day, but working Americans lost out.” According to Reuters, some brave Democrats also criticized the budget deal, saying that it would “give more aid to large corporations and wealthy business owners than to working families.”

In the same article, Reuters said the budget “agreement” was actually rammed downed America’s throat by establishment party leaders: “Conservatives complained that Republican leaders agreed on the bill’s spending and tax provisions behind closed doors and then rushed the bill through the Senate.” The Fiscal Times was also critical, saying: “It’s a good thing Paul Ryan grew a beard because he’s playing Santa Claus this year by giving out $1.1 trillion in gifts for just about everyone wrapped up in a massive Omnibus bill.”

In other words, our government has been hijacked by establishment politicians who take marching orders from a small number of billionaire-class individuals, powerful corporate lobbyists, and big-money special interests. Mimi Walters is a card-carrying member of this political establishment, yet somehow this doesn’t seem to register with the OC Register’s editorial board. In their endorsement of Mimi, the OC Register said “In her short time in our nation’s capital, Walters has kept her promises to her constituents, joining the Republican majority in pushing a fiscally responsible agenda.”

This is just plain wrong, and advocacy groups from across the political spectrum have said the 2016 budget is a raw deal for Americans. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities criticized the budget deal as “an alarming vision for the nation’s fiscal future,” while the Fiscal Times that leaders from both parties misled the public about the budget: “GOP and Democratic leaders insisted that the new budget deal is fiscally responsible and will actually reduce the deficit in the distant future– despite assertions by budget watchdog groups and conservative activists that it is riddled with budget gimmicks that mask the true cost of the plan.”

There is a good reason why anti-establishment candidates have been so popular in this year’s presidential race. Americans have finally realized that our government has been hijacked by a small circle of politicians and their big-money campaign donors. As a consequence, Congress passes legislation that favors these donors instead of enacting laws that benefit the American people. This explains why it’s so important that we get money out of politics. As a country, this objective must be our highest priority because otherwise Congress simply won’t change.

If we don’t get money out of politics, establishment politicians such as Mimi Walters will just continue to legislate on behalf of their big-money corporate lobbyists, ultra-rich individuals, and other special interests. It’s time for Congress to start working for all Americans– not just a small circle of elite individuals and companies. This is why Ron Varasteh has made getting money out of politics the centerpiece of his campaign.

Ron invites everyone to check out his website (, where you can see for yourself how Ron’s policies favor ordinary Americans and compare them to Mimi’s policies. For instance, Mimi has taken large contributions from powerful corporate lobbyists, and her opposition to Net Neutrality is just one of many examples of how Mimi works in favor of large corporations instead of individuals and small businesses. By contrast, Ron Varasteh supports Net Neutrality and will fight to make sure Congress starts working on behalf of ordinary Americans instead of big-money interests.

Ron Varasteh is determined to work with people from all political parties to implement laws that will overhaul America’s crony-capitalist system. In fact, Ron’s lifetime goal is to raise awareness about these systemic problems and take action so that all Americans can prosper, achieve their goals, and pursue their dreams. For all these reasons and more, we sincerely urge voters in Orange County to consider choosing Ron Varasteh for U.S. Congress. Ron is committed to working on behalf of the people and would be honored to represent California’s 45th district in Congress.




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  1. Cynthia mae Curran
    October 24, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Trump you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. I think the political left in economic reports exaggerated how bad manufacturing was and caused the Pat Buchanan wing of the republican party to rise. About 1 to 2 million manufacturing jobs in the US are under the Professional and Business category since lots of manufactures now hire through temp agencies. The left did this to expand the welfare state since some service jobs pay less and some of the left is very anti-free trade like Warren and Sanders. This caused the Pat Buchanan wing of the Republican party to pushed Trump in the primaries since they were convince manufacturing employment was lower than it really is.

  2. October 24, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Good stuff Ron!

    • David Vasquez
      October 24, 2016 at 5:13 pm

      Why did Ron Verasteh part ways with Greg Diamond way back when?

      I heard it’s a juicy tale indicative of Greg’s “crazy” behavior.

      Of course, Ron is a gentlemen and too polite to comment, but that hasn’t kept the rest of my friends at the DPOC from telling me.

      CooKoo for Coccoa Puffs was an UNDERSTATEMENT!

    • October 24, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      Is Tait still backing Johnson for president Vern? The candidate who wants to eliminate the Department of Education, Commerce and HUD? The candidate who did an interview with CNN while speaking as he stuck his tongue out? Tait still backing Young Kim, Ed Royce? Bet Sharon Quirk Silva is so happy Moreno loves Tait’s endorsement.

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