Dr. Sue Hits Dana on Lack of Respect for Women by Backing Trump

Sue Savary

Dr. Sue Savary said: “By attacking his own party members for standing up for their values and beliefs, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher showed his lack of respect for women by criticizing House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier this week.

Ryan was rightfully disgusted by the comments by Trump about groping women. These actions were confirmed by the married woman Trump referenced, in spite of his denial.

The comments were outrageous, but Rohrabacher’s willingness to back Trump’s behavior can only be explained by his own votes against women.

Dana Rohrabacher has voted against the Lily Ledbetter Act for equal pay for equal work. In last Monday’s Rotary Town Hall debate against me, he stated that women could “hire a lawyer” if they didn’t like the way they were treated.

Of course, that is exactly what Lily Ledbetter did showing how wrong it is that women, in general, have to work until April 14th of the following year to earn the same pay as the man sitting directly beside them doing exactly the same job.

As if that is not enough, Dana Rohrabacher repeatedly voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

So this anti-women pattern Trump displays is shared by our Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in vote after vote against us. He needs to be replaced now.”

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