Why won’t Young Kim release her Taxes?


Young Kim

Young Kim


The campaign of Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva today released an ad highlighting the connection between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and her opponent, incumbent Assemblywoman Young Kim.

The video can be viewed at:  https://www.facebook.com/trumpyoungkim/

“Young Kim can try to distance herself from Trump’s words, but she can’t escape their shared record of being anti-woman and pro-hiding their tax returns,” said consultant Matt Reilly. “Truth is: Young Kim is like Donald Trump.”

The video, which has begun airing online at sites like Pandora, alludes to Kim and Trump’s actions that are anti-woman, including their opposition to reproductive choice, support for attacks on Planned Parenthood, and support for denying health services to poor women.

The video also makes reference to the continued refusal by both Trump and Kim to release their tax returns for public scrutiny after questions surfaced regarding their finances. Quirk-Silva released five years of her taxes on Tax Day in April, while Kim has refused to do the same despite recent revelations that she failed to pay property taxes and that her public economic disclosure forms offer conflicting statements about whether she reported all of her income to the federal government.

“Young Kim should come clean with voters and release her taxes,” continued Reilly. “Not paying your taxes is something voters deeply frown upon. But, after six months of refusing to come clean, it appears it’s more important to her to hide her returns than win re-election. What message does that send to voters?”