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Shea Offers Cover for Kuo; Hit and Run Incident Happened in Newport Beach


On September 23, TheLiberalOC broke the story that Irvine Planning Commissioner and candidate for Irvine City Council was the candidate referenced in a telephone poll taken the weekend of September 16.  Kuo denied it was him and refused to acknowledge the court records featured above.  Technically, he’s accurate because we asked if the accident had happened in Irvine.  Sources tell TheLiberalOC it happened in Newport Beach which was comfiormed by Newport Beach Police earlier this morning and we’re working on getting a copy of the “arrest and traffic collision report” (case #NBPD Case # 99-11501).  

But for the adults out there, especially ones who are parents, would you accept Kuo’s answer as truthful?  “No dad, I wasn’t in an accident in Irvine.   You didn’t say Newport Beach.  If you said Newport Beach, I would have told you.”


Kuo’s running mate, Irvine Councilwoman Christina Shea (R-FivePoint), lectured me last week about “honesty is the first thing we teach our children.”  But instead of admonishing Kuo for a dishonest answer, Shea is defending it on a Facebook page called “Vote at UCI.”  So let’s just say that Ms. Shea isn’t a great teacher of values by defending Kuo’s response as “truthful.”

Christina Shea

Christina Shea

Here’s some of the action on Facebook:

Christina Shea
Christina Shea The problem with Dan Chemeleski he cant share the facts correctly. He asked all candidates …do we know of any candidate that was in a hit and run in Irvine…I said no but I do know Councilwoman Beth Krom hit a child on a bike driving her car while he was in the cross walk..a few years ago she stated this publicly and .I am sure this student ran..so I have no idea what he is referring to as Anthony told me he never hit anyone in Irvine. I would think a child hitting someone compared to a Councilwoman is allot less serious than an adult who is also an elected offical…why wasnt this reported or in any local papers? Why was this covered up? Mr Chemeleski knows of this and wont print anything about that incident. But thats our liberal friend…always loose with his facts


Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski Please try to learn and spell the last name correctly; additionally “Israel” is spelled like that not “Isreal” as you do.


Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski Mrs. Krom is not a candidate in this year’s election. The accident you describe occurred in his first term on the council — before TheLiberalOC was born which is one reason why it wasn’t covered because time travel doesn’t exist (yet). A student on a bike dashed in front of her car as she started forward — into blinding sun — and her bumper tapped his bike. The student wasn’t hurt. Mrs. Krom got his name and he carried on his merry way to school unhurt. Mrs. Krom then reported the matter to the city manager who contacted the school and the kid’s parents. The school and parents thanked the city for the follow up. Nothing was covered up. It’s not like Mrs. Krom was arrested in a drug bust or for defrauding seniors in a mortgage re-fi scheme. When Mrs. Krom decides to run for office again, feel free to bring this up. The student in question is probably married with kids now. Now, Mr. Kuo was given an opportunity to be truthful about a question asked this election cycle in a phone survey paid for by a developer — and he lied. The court record is there for anyone to see. We don’t know where the accident happened or any of the circumstances of the accident because Mr. Kuo won’t answer any questions, or return a call or a text. Sort of like Donald Trump and his tax returns.


Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski The court records were sent to Mr. Kuo twice asking if the Anthony C. Kuo in the court documents was him. He refuses to respond. Ask that question of him.


Christina Shea
Christina Shea I assume there was a police report about the incident a few years ago?
I asked Anthony the question you sent me about a hit and run in Irvine and it stated in Irvine and he said he never hit anyone here It appears it was a 16 year old if it was him… many many years ago.


VOTE at UCI You keep trying to make the issue whether Kuo’s hit and run was in Irvine. It doesn’t matter whether it was in Irvine or elsewhere. The issue is that he hit someone with his car, then tried to escape responsibility or consequences. In addition, he continues to lie about it. That is the Anthony Kuo character issue.


Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski Irvine Police do not have a report if it didnt happen in Irvine. Perhaps you can ask him where it happened. He lied about being involved in a hit and run and won’t answer questions. He’s “Mr. Integrity” all right.


So the lesson here is when Ms. Shea lectures anyone about honesty, she’s more than happy to get literal and protect a liar who wasn’t honest or transparent about an incident that happened years ago but resurfaced via a developer’s telephone political poll.  But then again, Ms. Shea keeps insisting she violated no city law in the FPPC investigation into her using her elected position to benefit her business while refusing to permit her attorney from answering questions about possible violations of state law.

The question of Kuo’s hit and run did not surface at a candidate’s forum this week; but it needs to get out to voters in Irvine that he’s deceptive about addressing the incident and won’t answer direct questions about it.  In fact, his dodging the truth frankly warrants his removal from the Planning Commission.  Shea’s equally as bad for protecting Kuo.  Neither are honest and both need to go. #CorruptChristina indeed.  #HitandRunKuo #YousaidIrvinenotNewportBeach.

I know Kuo was Eeyore for Halloween; but hiding the truth behind a literal answer just makes him Poo. And yes, the “h” is left out.

Irvine Planning Commissioner Anthony Kuo on the right.

Irvine Planning Commissioner Anthony Kuo on the right.

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