DonTheCons website worth a look

Trump in Scotland

It’s Friday and some of the press releases we get about the coming election are just fun to share.  Enjoy this one:

September 30, 2016 (Washington, DC) –, a website dedicated to honoring the unparalleled career of Donald J. Trump (a/k/a “Don the Con”) announced the results of the second round of voting in the Rate the Con contest designed to determine which of Don the Con’s Cons is the greatest.

With over 10 million votes recorded, the original 32 Cons have been whittled down to 8. “There was an amazing surge of votes following up the debate,” said Jon Miller, Contest Coordinator. “While we had hoped to narrow it down to the final 4, these final 8 cons are so outstanding and so close in the balloting that the judges felt it owed the public another opportunity to fully express their views on which cons, broken promises, and self-dealing represent the best of Don’s Art of the Con.”

Two of the Cons were not in the original 32 but garnered write-in nominations that enjoyed huge support.  The first, the Hillary Con-Con, in which Don the Con ended the birther con by starting a new one in which he blamed Hillary, played a prominent role in the debate.

The second, the Make Trump Rich Again Con, combined several Cons, such as how his tax plan, his use of his foundation money, and his use of campaign money all are designed to make him money.  Miller noted, “it also plays on the sympathy vote, as Don the Con clearly did not make the kind of money he was hoping for on such business failures as Trump Wine, Trump Water, Trump Mortgage, Trump Air, and Trump Casinos.  After so many loser efforts, our voters feel for the guy.”

One write in, the I don’t care about gambling in Florida Con, in which Don the Con claimed he didn’t care about gambling in Florida while testifying in court that he personally lobbied the Governor on the issue, just missed the cut.

“The media unfortunately did not cover this one so voters couldn’t see the genius behind the perjury,” Miller speculated.

The other six cons in the next round are the Climate Change Con (including how he filed for government support for infrastructure to prevent climate change damage to his property while publicly saying it’s a hoax), Trump U, the Job Creater Con, the I Will Never Lie Con, the Secret Plan to End the War Con, and the Trump Charitable Giving Con. Balloting starts up again immediately to pick the Final by October.

Votes can be cast by visiting