New Poll has Loretta within 7 Points of Harris

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

Off the press from the Sanches for US Senate campaign:

This week, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a statewide poll surveying the U.S. Senate race and found that support for Attorney General Kamala Harris has decreased and that support for Loretta Sanchez has increased since their last poll in July 2016.

The telephone survey of 1702 likely voters found 32 percent support for AG Harris and 25 percent for Rep. Sanchez, with 19 percent of voters still undecided and 24 percent opting not to vote. In July 2016, the PPIC poll reported AG Harris at 38 percent and Rep. Sanchez at 20 percent.

This week’s poll finds Rep. Sanchez has strong support with Latino voters (58 to 16), millennial voters (38 to 24) and has made gains with conservative voters (25 to 18).

The race is tightening. It is tightening because voters are starting to pay attention to the candidates and there is a clear contrast between Loretta’s decades of experience and bipartisan support and Harris’ failed record to protect the people of California as Attorney General.  

Loretta has more than 20 years of experience working on important national issues, including homeland security and counter-terrorism.  She is a senior member of both the Armed Services Committee and the Homeland Security Committee. She has worked across party lines and she has taken stands against the establishment under tremendous pressure. She courageously voted against the Iraq War; against the so-called Patriot Act to protect our civil liberties; and against the Wall Street bailout despite the political establishment pressure to support it. She will bring that same spirit of independence to the Senate.

Harris’ record is much different. 

Her office failed to keep guns away from people who are not allowed to have them, including felons and people with mental illness, creating a serious threat to public safety.  She supported Southern California Edison’s plans to bury radioactive nuclear waste at San Onofre Beach, ignoring both the safety of the community and known risks to the environment.  And she has failed to investigate the deal between Edison and the Public Utilities Commission that allowed Edison to bill its ratepayers for all this work.  

Even Harris’ accomplishments are not what she says.  She said the mortgage settlement would get billions of dollars in relief for homeowners and keep people in their homes.  Instead, most of the money went to the banks and millions of people lost their homes.  Most people got a check for $1,400.  That’s why housing advocates have protested Harris’ speeches.  They know that talk is cheap and that all Harris delivered were empty promises and news headlines for herself.  

Most troubling is a recent Department of Justice report that found that crime rates have increased during Harris’ tenure, with a 10 percent increase in violent crimes, including rape.  Harris has not offered a solution.  She is supporting a ballot measure that would release even more offenders.  And she has not shown a desire to work with others. Kamala Harris’ campaign criticizes Loretta for receiving the support of California Republicans. She said Loretta “stands with Republicans” in this race.  

Loretta will represent all Californians.  She is of the people, not the establishment.   She will work across party lines to get things done in Washington. She has done it before. As voters hear that, they are moving to Loretta and away from Harris.  

Bottom line: Don’t underestimate Loretta.


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  1. Bob Solomon
    September 23, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Putting aside the question of the role in the Attorney General’s Office in crime rates (virtually none), you seem to argue that Harris is not liberal enough because she wants to release more people from prison. Is it your “liberal” view that they should remain there? For which crimes? Should we deal with crime by putting more people in jail?

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