Starpointe Ventures hedges bets; $40K donation to OC GOP


We reported in August that Starpointe Ventures in Irvine, a “consulting firm” in Irvine that in recent years seemed to benefit the Republicans in Irvine and OC, had contributed $50,000 to the state Democratic Party; we were curious with what they thought they’d be buying.  Now comes word that Starpointe has hedged their bets and contributed $40K to the Orange County Republican Party’s State Account.

Sources tell TheLiberalOC that IEs for State Rep. Don Wagner, who’s running for mayor on the Five Point ticket with Council member Christina Shea and planning commissioner Anthony Kuo are expected to be major beneficiaries of serious developer-backed IEs.  The trio is promising the restoration of Irvine’s Traffic Commission if you vote for the Wagner, Shea and Kuo ticket in November.  Last time I checked, there was a Republican majority on the city council….if this is such a good idea, why doesn’t Christina Shea push for the re-instatement of this commission now?

But back to Starpointe; our sources tell us the OC GOP went ballistic at our post this business gave so much to the California Democratic Party.  And while $40K is nothing to sneeze at, its more proof that some businesses believe California’s elections are for sale.  And this should be evidence for the CDP that CDP is only worth $10K more than OC Republicans.