Jose Moreno announces Tait Endorsement for Anaheim City Council

Dr. Jose F. Moreno, (c) 2014, (Photo: Dan Chmielewski)

Dr. Jose F. Moreno, (c) 2014, (Photo: Dan Chmielewski)

It’s not a press release, but the message below showed up in my email and subsequent copies were emailed to me by new fewer than seven other Democrats to call this announcement to my attention.  Dr. Jose Moreno has announced the formal endorsement of his Anaheim City Council bid by Republican Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait.

Here’s the email:

Big news for our campaign today!

I am proud to announce we have received the endorsement of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait!

In expressing his support for our campaign Mayor Tait stated, “Jose F. Moreno will be a great independent voice on the city council, looking out for the best interests of our neighborhoods and city. As an involved parent, community leader, and former President of our local elementary school board, he has a proven track record of advocacy for his constituents; is honest and fair in his leadership; and has a firm commitment to transparency.   I am certain Jose will bring those same values to the Anaheim City Council and I urge voters to join me in support of Dr. Jose F. Moreno for Anaheim City Council District 3.”

I am proud, humbled and honored to receive Mayor Tait’s endorsement.  We both agree our City is stronger when decisions affecting our communities are best made when viewed through the eyes of the people — not simply on the needs of wealthy corporations and special interests.  Like Mayor Tait, I strongly support investing in our resort district, given its significance to our local economy — but we do not believe taxpayers should subsidize developments for wealthy corporations while our children’s futures are being mortgaged.

Over the past several years, Mayor Tom Tait and I have joined together to stand up for district-based elections; increased attention to neighborhoods and partnerships with schools; transparent accountability of city expenditures; increased oversight of public safety; and in opposition to the hundreds of millions in taxpayer giveaways to wealthy corporations.

Mayor Tait and I believe that a culture of kindness and fairness will lead to greater honesty, integrity, and transparency in City Hall. It is time we invest fully in the children and people of Anaheim. When we work together, everyone thrives!

With appreciation and gratitude,

Jose F. Moreno

Candidate, Anaheim City Council District 3

P.S.  We have less than two months before the November 8th election.  Our campaign is going strong!  Please consider making a contribution – $3, $13, $23, $53 — every single dollar counts in this important Anaheim’s first-ever District Election!