Conservatives Silly Emails Justifying a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

I’m usually pretty grateful for some of my conservative friends who add me to their email lists and encourage me to forward their emails to everyone I know.  Most of the time, a quick check of exposes the email content as a documented falsehood.  And other emails, like the one below, are just funny.


Friends:   This made my day.  Hope it does the same for you!


little more every day!

Is he the Perfect Candidate whose thoughts mirrors mine on all fronts?   NOPE

Does he say everything the way I wish he would say it?   NOPE

Am I absolutely sure that his motives are absolutely Pure?   NOPE

Can I point to any other Dem Politician that I like better? NOPE

Is there any of the other RINO Politicians I like better?  NOPE

Am I going to sit home, refuse to Vote, and let Hillary win; because he is NOT Perfect?  NOPE 

Do I like what I have seen for the last 7-1/2 years with the Jerk that sleeps in my White House?  NOPE

Do I like the “fundamental changes” that same Jerk has brought about in MY America?  NOPE

OK, your turn to decide what you are going to do on election day!


Trump’s presidential qualifications

Obama is against Trump… Check

The Media are against Trump… Check

The establishment Democrats are against Trump…  Check

The establishment Republicans are against Trump…  Check

The UN is against Trump… Check

The EU is against Trump… Check

China is against Trump… Check

Mexico is against Trump… Check

Soros is against Trump… Check

Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check

Move On is against Trump… Check

Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check

Bushs are against Trump … Check

Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check

Hillary & Bernie are both against Trump … Check

Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check

Islam is against Trump … Check

Kasich is against Trump … Check

Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump..  Check


It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have.

If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES— all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!

Most of all, it will be the People’s Choice


He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check

He’s not a Lawyer…..Check

He’s not doing it for the money…Check

He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents.  .

Bonus points !

Whoopi says she will leave the country…

Rosie says she will leave the country…                

Yeah!! Are they leaving SOON!!

Sharpton says he will leave the country…

Cher says she will leave the country…

Cyrus says she will leave the country…

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail…Hillary will go to jail…..The budget will be balanced in 8 years….Americans will have first choice at jobs…..You will not be able to marry your pet….You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify… (Not a criminal or crazy, etc.)  Only living, registered U.S. citizens can vote….MUST SHOW ID TO VOTE…You can have and keep your own doctor…..You can say whatever you want without being called a racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc….He will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Come to think of it, we have no place to go, but UP!

Pass it on and God Bless America!!







  2 comments for “Conservatives Silly Emails Justifying a Trump Presidency

  1. junior
    August 30, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    I can’t find much in there to disagree with. I am sure you are not at all surprised ……

  2. RHackett
    August 31, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Only a complete idiot or Trump supporter (but I repeat myself) doesn’t believe he isn’t in it for the money.

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