Trump’s Latino Outreach Rally in Anaheim is a Failure

Trump Latino Outreach-Anaheim

About 100 people showed up in Anaheim yesterday for a Donald Trump Latino Outreach rally and only half were Latino.

This from the OC Register:

About 100 supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rallied at Anaheim City Hall on Sunday afternoon, arguing that his support among the Latino community is stronger than has been widely reported.

The rally, organized by Latinos for Trump, was part of an initiative termed Operation Taco Bowl – an apparent reference to a Cinco de Mayo photo of Trump eating a taco bowl with a caption that read, “I love Hispanics.”

Those attending were about half Latino, with most from outside of Orange County. Trump supporters took turns standing beside two mannequin caricatures of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and telling the crowd why they support Trump.

Speeches were aimed at countering Democratic arguments that Trump is racist.

“I don’t believe any of the liberal media bias that says Trump is a racist or a bigot,” said Eddy Rodriguez, 37, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who drove to Anaheim from his Lake Elsinore home to attend the rally. “His businesses – successful businesses – have hired Latinos, blacks, women. I support Trump 100 percent.”

Trump trails Hillary Clinton among Latino voters by more than 50 percent; he trails Clinton among African-American voters by as much as 90 percent.  Over the weekend, Trump flip-flopped on Immigration and Deportations and then flopped back to double down on building a wall and forced deportations.

The event in Anaheim was poorly promoted.  Even so, I’m surprised Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait wasn’t there as he attended Trump’s last rally in Anaheim under the guise of making sure security was in place (it was), but Tait didn’t show up for the KKK march and protest where security certainly *was* an issue.

Because no one has, we’ll ask Mayor Tait: Are you voting for Trump this fall?  Anaheim voters ought to know if their mayor is backing the presidential candidate from his party that projects outright racism towards the Latino community.