Beth Krom won’t run for re-election to Irvine City Council

Councilmember Beth Krom welcomes Pelosi.

Councilmember Beth Krom welcomes Pelosi.

This message was received by Beth Krom via social media this morning:

I wanted to let you know that, after much thought and consideration, I will not be seeking re-election to the Irvine City Council this November. Having been elected to four terms on the City Council and two terms as Mayor, I have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Irvine during a period of considerable growth and change. I am humbled by the extraordinary community support I have enjoyed these past sixteen years, and will always be proud of the many accomplishments I can reflect upon. 

This decision is largely a personal one. The loss of our son seven years ago left me forever changed. There are other priorities I must now devote my time to. While I look forward to applying my knowledge and skills in new and perhaps more creative ways, I will never stop taking an interest in our city’s future, and will continue to speak out on important matters both here in our local community and beyond.

I know Facebook is not the most personal forum for sharing my plans, but it is the most efficient. I will be sharing my endorsements for Mayor and City Council in the days ahead and encourage everyone who cares about Irvine’s future to make our local election a priority.

Krom could have run again with the reset of term limits in Irvine and she’s been a solid and effective progressive voice in Irvine for years.  Even Republicans note, she’s untouchable in local elections.  There is no one in Orange County who knows more about the Great Park than Beth.  No one.  She’s easily one of the most ethical public officials I’ve ever met.  There are plenty of opportunities for her to take the low road and she never does because there is less traffic on the high road Beth always takes.

And for long time Irvine residents and for those in South County who live in what would have been the flight path of Jets coming and going from El Toro International Airport, thank Beth for the increase in your home’s value because there’s no airport at El Toro.  It’s that simple.