Will Bernie Sanders Formally Nominate Hillary Clinton for President?

Bernie Sanders in Nevada

Bernie Sanders in Nevada

MSNBC is reporting that negotiations are underway to have Senator Bernie Sanders be the person to formally and officially place Hillary Clinton’s name as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president.  They caution it’s not a done deal.  But if it’s true and Sanders does have a sincere interest in unifying the Party, he would urge his delegates to back Clinton by acclamation…but that’s not going to happen.

Sanders gave a variant of his standard stump speech at the convention last night, punctuated by the occasional “vote for Hillary” message.  But it’s basically the same speech he’s been giving all over the country.  And a significant number of the Bernie or Bust crowd still refuses to give up.

John Hanna’s Facebook feed contained this note: “Sandernistas out in force. Unlike Bernie who is being supportive they are disrupting numerous events including California delegation breakfast . Spending my subway trip to Convention arguing with people who see no difference between Clinton and Trump.”

Hanna, a Rancho Santiago Community College Trustee and longtime OC Democratic leader, also reported lots of members of the California delegation not showing proper respect to certain pro-Clinton speakers.

The speakers last night were nothing short of spectacular — with this convention starting to resemble the great speaker line up the Dems had in 1984.  Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren were outstanding.  First Lady Michelle Obama could probably easily be elected to higher office based on her speech last night.  I thought Bernie’s speech was fine, but FLOTUS is a hard act to follow.

New polls from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.com show a tightening race because Trump got a post convention bump just like Clinton will at the end of this week.  If this were late October instead of late July, worry would be in order.  But it’s not.  In 1988, Michael Dukakis left the Democratic Convention with a nice lead only to see it vanish after the Republican Convention.

For my friends who remain committed to Bernie — the ones complaining of a rigged system — read those “damning” emails and recognize nothing in them affected the decision made by voters who went to the polls.  Hillary people voted for Hillary.  Bernie people voted for Bernie.  The difference is more than 4 million popular votes, a majority of pledged delegates and a majority of super delegates for Clinton.  The democratic process worked.  And super delegates have never affected the outcome of any race the voters decided by popular vote.  But for those who still insist cheating and deceptive practices went on, I ask this: when will Senator Sanders release his tax returns?


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  1. Cynthia mae Curran
    August 1, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Trump is losing in Ohio, PA and has more of a shot in Nevada and Florida. I thought Rubio and Cruz were better candidates, Trump is too much the old factory platform. In fact factory work is growing in the South anyway and the space revoluation like small sats will increase manufacturing and people retiring. Granted, one doesn’t know the effect of Tpp but Trump will be history in 4 years whether he wins or not. JR and LPAR are a dated part of the Republican party-Old Pat Buchanan types.

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