Sympathy for the Devil?

Mrs Trump

The Republican Party Convention in Cleveland is turning into a Hillary Clinton hate-fest as speaker after speaker throws red meat to the conserverati in attendance.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s speech resembled closing statements of a DA, designed to inflame a kangaroo court while leaving out pesky details that ruined his narrative.  From the New York Times story:

For about 15 minutes, he laid out one indictment of Mrs. Clinton after another, asking the audience after each one, “Guilty or not guilty?” It was part red meat, part courtroom procedural, and with each query, “GUILTY!” rang through the hall, interrupted only by an occasional, “Lock her up!”

Like many indictments, the facts presented to the Republican jury were sometimes selective: not necessarily false, but often ignoring exculpatory evidence.

Dr. Ben Carson made a case that Hillary Clinton was some sort of Satanist using logic you need to be double-jointed to accept.  And he called Clinton supporters “uninformed.”  Funny guy.  He’s wrong of course.  Politifact says so.

From Rolling Stone:

But more than anything, Carson’s speech — like many of the remarks Tuesday night, despite the evening’s theme of “making America work again” — was a repudiation of Hillary Clinton. In particular, Carson latched onto Clinton’s admiration for Saul Alinsky, the community organizer who’s much loathed by the right.

“One of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors, was Saul Alinsky. Her senior thesis was about Saul Alinsky,” Carson said. “This was someone she greatly admired and that affected all of her philosophy subsequently.”

Carson went on to ask the crowd, “Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?”

As Vox explains, Carson is referring to the widespread, and incorrect, notion that Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to “Lucifer.” In fact, Alinsky dedicated the book to his wife, Irene, but acknowledged Lucifer as “the very first radical,” in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

There are frequent cries from the audience and from the stage of “Hillary for Prison.”  It’s the sort of bullying and verbal abuse against a woman that makes someone cringe.

Now conservatives and Trump supporters are bending over backwards over, what the Trump campaign admitted to on Wednesday, that Trump’s wife Melania plagiarized a portion of a paragraph from a 2008 speech from Michelle Obama.  Trump’s son, Donald Jr, also appeared to plagiarize portions of his speech, but the author of the article from the American Conservative, F.H. Buckley, was Trump Jr.’s speechwriter so you can’t plagiarize your own work.

Over at OJ, Blogger Greg Diamond fears the social media backlash against Melania Trump is going to backfire on Democrats.  He writes:

“I haven’t seen any polling and I haven’t paid much attention to everyday voter discussion, but this seems like something likely to blow up in Democrats’ faces — especially when combined with calling the well-tanned Slovene “Melanoma” and referencing her skimpy lingerie photos.  We’re creating sympathy for Donald Trump by publicly beating up his wife.  If he hasn’t already started defending her with the fire of an outraged husband, he probably will — and people are gonna lap it up.”

Newsflash for Diamond: Hillary Clinton is a woman.  Republicans are calling for her to be jailed.  Speakers are lying about a Benghazi Stand Down order and blaming her for it.  She being associated with the Devil himself.  Seriously, Diamond’s worried about pissing The Donald off?  Clueless as usual.

I’m sure Bill Clinton and a posse of Democrats are pretty riled up now and we’ll hear about it during the Democratic convention.  But I’m not the least bit worried about ruffling the feathers of Trump’s supermodel third wife.  Republicans levy the nastiest insults against our candidates on a regular basis, and the fact Democrats are using humor to make fun of Melania on social media doesn’t constitute an ethical crisis.

It’s politics as usual and yet another example of why OC Democrats shouldn’t pay attention to Diamond’s rambling.


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  1. Gustavo Arellano
    July 20, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Someone do a gif of Dan morphing into the Bloviator already…

    • July 20, 2016 at 10:05 pm

      thanks for reading Gustavo and for contributing so much insight into the post

  2. Cynthia mae Curran
    July 23, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Well, Dems do the same thing every time on Republicans, insult them.. Now, Trump is a nasty personality, granted, Instead of Trump, the Republicans should have went with Ted Cruz that wanted a more European style VAT tax, if the Republicans wanted manufacturing up, a VAT would have helped them more than Trump’s tariffs, Germany, uses the VAT more than Tariffs, and has a higher percentage of people employed in manufacturing and has great trade schools, particularly at the high school level.Cruz is main problem is the social issues to the general public. Now, Clinton was smart to go to Tim Kane, she will draw in some Republicans that can’t stand Trump and only lose a small percentage of the Sanders supporters.

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