Sean Mill Resigns from Santa Ana Planning Commission after LiberalOC Investigation into his Residency

Sean H Mill

Sean H. Mill can go back to blogging as he is no longer a Santa Ana Planning Commissioner.  Mill resigned last week after he learned of an investigation into his residency that proved he doesn’t live in the city and moved to Riverside into his wife’s home.  The investigation was driven by TheLiberalOC and concerned citizens in Santa Ana.

The Voice of OC has the story here.  Some highlights from the story:

Sean H. Mill, a longtime player in Santa Ana politics, abruptly resigned from the city Planning Commission last week, after he was caught living 24 miles outside city limits.

It all came to a head last Tuesday evening, when Mill’s wife discovered a private investigator outside her home in Riverside. She confronted the investigator, who reportedly revealed that he was looking into Mill’s residency and didn’t believe that Mill lived in Santa Ana.

Mill resigned from the commission the next morning, saying he no longer lived in the city.

“I will be stepping down from the Planning Commission effective immediately.  I was planning to do so prior to the meeting Monday night but have decided to do so now,” Mill wrote in his 7:55 a.m. email to the city clerk.

“While I will continue to have some residence in Santa Ana, in order to be more actively involved in my 16-year-old [step-daughter’s] activities I have relocated my primary place of residence outside the city limits.”

Mill married a Riverside woman over a year ago, though he says his primary residence was in Santa Ana until about 2-1/2 weeks before he resigned.

In an interview, Mill said he promised his wife that he would start living “full time” with her around the time of their one-year anniversary, June 20. Mill said that’s what he ended up doing, and that he was planning on stepping down around the time of the following commission meeting, on July 11.

The fact is Mr. Mill was hoping to be appointment Planning Commission chair at the July 11 meeting and had made several efforts to lobby other members for votes.  So why lobby for the top job only to step down?

According to documents filed by an OC-based Private Investigator, Mill’s not truthful about his residence.  Mill resigned July 6, meaning he was a resident of Santa Ana through mid-June.  During that time, he participated in one Planning Commission meeting he was not eligible for and likely received a meeting stipend and car allowance.  The problem with Mill’s timeline is the investigation this blog participated in began in early May and was concluded through the end of May.  It is our belief Mr. Mill hasn’t been a fulltime resident of the city since his marriage in July 2015.

Back to the VOC story:

Allegations that he had been living outside Santa Ana before approximately June 20 are “just not true,” Mill said. “I mean, is there [occasions] where I [spent] time in Riverside? I mean, I split time….[but] every piece of mail that I get is in Santa Ana. Everything I have is in Santa Ana. All of my money gets sent to Santa Ana,” he said.

Mill’s Santa Ana address — for years — has been his mother’s house on Starboard.  The PI staked out the house for weeks with no signs Mill was there in May.  Neighbors haven’t seen him around.  There are no utility bills that arrive to this address in Mill’s name.  The PI concluded Mill’s mother lives there alone.  Conversely, Mill’s car is regularly parked at his new Riverside County residence where at least two utility bills arrive to the Riverside County address in Mill’s name.

Back to Nick Gerda’s story:

Councilman Sal Tinajero, who appointed Mill to the commission, said he appreciates Mill’s service and that he leaves big shoes to fill.

“I believe it’s a loss to our Planning Commission because he’s been around for such a long time and has this institutional memory that he brings along with him,” Tinajero said.

There’s been a “a history of political disaccord” between Mill and his accusers, Tinajero added, making it important for there to be documentation backing up claims of wrongdoing.

“Sean Mill works here in Santa Ana, so I find it hard to believe that he was making the long trek to and from [Riverside],” Tinajero said.

Documentation?  We have documentation and shared it last week with the city manager and city attorney’s office for review and investigation.  It appears they are accepting Mill’s explanation of the dates of his move without questioning the facts in the PI’s report and Mill’s statements.  Here’s an easy one to ponder.  Mill’s wife caught the PI taking photos of Mill’s car and the house a week ago Tuesday (July 5); the PI identified himself and explained why he was there.  Mill’s wife told the PI “my husband lives in Santa Ana.”  Per Mill, he moved to Riverside in mid-June.  Doesn’t Mrs. Mill know where her husband lives?

Since the city of Santa Ana is not interested in investing the time to follow up on credible evidence of Mill’s residency, we invite any organization with business before the Planning Commission directly affected by Mr. Mill’s votes to contact us for a copy of the PI’s report for use as possible litigation against the city.  This case is a prime example of why the city’s Ethics Ordinance has no teeth at all.

It’s my understanding Thomas Gordon will be chiming in on this story for OC Political and the Register is also working on it’s own story where Mr. Mill accuses me of sending a package to his house to which I say “what package?” and “which house?”  I haven’t sent anything, but surely Mr. Mill would have evidence to make such an accusation?

The story isn’t over.  A copy of the PI’s report has been shared with the OC DA’s office for possible investigation.  A copy is being sent to the Registrar of Voters to ascertain if Mr. Mill voted in the June 7 primary from the Santa Ana address while not being a resident of Orange County and we’ll be sending a copy of the report to the Secretary of State’s Election Fraud Investigation Unit.

There are enormous benefits to getting married and we wish Mr. & Mr. Mill a lifetime of happiness.  But anyone who’s every been married knows a good marriage requires compromise.  Mr. Mill’s step-daughter is in high school and once a kid starts high school, keeping them in that school is encouraged.  So Mill’s decision to move to Riverside is in the family’s best interests.  However, with compromise sometimes comes a surrender…giving up some things you used to do.  And for Sean Mill, one of the things he should have given up was his seat on the Planning Commission.

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  1. Joe H.B.
    July 14, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Thank God someone is taking this bully on! Good riddance and thanks for the hard work. Sean has long history of disgusting and revolting insults against the (1) LGBT community, (2) the Vietnamese community, (3) made physical threats against others; and (4) taken credit for others’ hard work :


    In an email communication in 2010, with an online gay blogger who was HIV, he referred to him as “infected”:
    “And the last time I checked I wasn’t someone’s bitch like you. You want to talk shit about that you infected little shit?. . . Go fuck yourself loser. ”

    From the Orange Juice Blog in 2007:
    In defending his friend Ted Moreno (himself a convicted felon that Sean has defended), Sean wrote on a blog:
    “I see you put another piece-of-shit article in the Weekly about Ted Moreno (“No Sex! Alleged Lies? Videotape?” Sept. 18). I know you and your little queer art friends have it in for Ted, but this is yellow journalism at its worst. This is just ridiculous. If you and the rest of your little queer buddies are going to make attacks on Ted, well, go ahead.”


    From the Orange Juice Blog in 2010:
    Sean questioned a Vietnamese person’s statements by asking if they were “raped by pirates” or suffered from “agent orange exposure”:
    “Get over yourself already you anti-Latino bigot. I did not joke about rape or torture I simply asked a question of your bigoted countrymen who were demeaning our soldiers. Their anger and unstable behavior stems from somewhere so I asked if perhaps it was the result of being “raped by pirates” or “agent orange exposure”.


    From the Orange Juice Blog in 2010:
    “Judging from the dillusional and paranoid unsolicited emails, texts and phone calls from […] I think the bigger and more serious question is, when does […. ] become Santa Ana’s version of Dan White?”


    In perhaps a way for him to distance himself from anti-Vietnamese comments, Sean took credit, along with blogger, Art Pedroza, that he had been working with Vietnamese business community in Little Saigon regarding adding a privately-funded Little Saigon business monument sign at Euclid and Newhope Streets, which was approved by the Santa Ana City Council in 2015. According to comments by Mils, and followed up by posts by Pedroza, it was “their idea to restore the sign.” Problem is none of that was true. Santa Ana’s Ken Nguyen, a retired Little Saigon businessman who leads the Little Saigon Business Foundation, and lead the effort to build and construct this sign had this to say: “I don’t know Sean Mill,” he said. “I’ve never met him. I don’t know what he looks like. He hasn’t met with our group. He has had nothing to do with rebuilding this sign. If he wants to write us a check, we’ll take it. But he has had nothing to do with rebuilding the sign and he nothing to do with forming a Little Saigon Business District Committee. He has little to do with Little Saigon. Little to do with the Little Saigon Business District. And little to do with the Little Saigon Foundation that raised money to rebuild the signs. Mill’s claims about working with us to replace the sign is completely false.”

  2. Mike Tardif
    July 14, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    A job well done by Santa Ana resident Thomas Gordon and Liberal OC blog publisher Dan Chmielewski – someone has to take the trash out. Sean Mill is a mean spirited, nasty poseur. He never was good for the people of Santa Ana – good riddance.

  3. Sandra Thrower
    July 15, 2016 at 7:07 am

    Many years ago Sean’s mother Patricia physically attacked me while screaming the “N” word. Patricia reeked of cheap booze at the time. No wonder her son Sean grew up to be such a mess.

  4. July 15, 2016 at 8:38 am

    from the Register story:

    “That’s despicable,” Mill said. “I wanted to wait so I could thank the staff and say goodbye to everybody at the planning department and be done with it before the meeting on Monday night, but when your wife calls you pissed off that someone’s peering through your window, you kind of do what you’ve got to do.”

    What’s despicable, by Mill’s own timeline, is he participated in at least one planning commission meeting despite having “moved” to Riverside. Tinajero wants documentation — we provided it to city hall. Can Mill provide documentation from a moving company that he moved to Riverside in mid-June? Tinajero knew Mill was resigning several weeks ago? really? And there’s no mention of a possible replacement until Mill was caught.

    How do these two geniuses explain the lobbying by Mill to be named Planning Commission chair for the July 11 meeting?

  5. Dancin' in the streets
    July 15, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Councilman Sal Tinajero is as dirty as Sean Mil. The 12 year term limit needs to be amended. When you have the likes of Tinajero, Renya, Martinez, Benevides and Sarmiento, whose true residency has been questioned forever, seated for that long, the City may never truly recover.
    Ding Dong the witch is dead, I just sorry he didn’t take more the refuse with him

  6. Joe H.B.
    July 15, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Birds of a feather flock together!! I see that crazy, cyber-squatting and NAMBLA-loving blogger, Art Pedroza (Sean’s BFF and partner in crime), is busy defending Sean’s latest B.S. (it is kind of like when Sean defended his criminal friend, ex-councilman Ted Moreno who was convicted of felony embezzlement.) What is up with him? Wasn’t it Art Pedroza that you obtained a sizeable judgment against for him improperly linking a website domain to NAMBLA??!! And, didn’t he pay the entirety of the judgment and not appeal it? Isn’t NAMBLA a website that promotes sexual relationships between Men and Boys!!! Disgusting. That’s right, Pedroza was promoting man-boy sexual relationships. Why is he still bogging after that B.S.?! Pedroza (and Sean) have both run for elected positions in S.A., and each time the S.A. residents wisely turned them down in big numbers. Everyone in S.A. know Pedroza is a pendejo, bully and a tool. Guess time finally caught up with Sean and Art. Karma is a bitch!

  7. July 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Mr. Pedroza notes Mr. Mill “caught” me not paying business license taxes in Santa Ana; I never got a bill from the city and promptly paid in full. This blog also “caught” Mr. Pedroza not paying his business license taxes. Yes, we won the lawsuit and its well documented. The case is over and has been satisfied.

  8. Neil Prast
    July 16, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Wanna know whats AMAZING:

    Vince Sarmiento’s suppossed residence is like a ghosttown this morning at 7:30 am.
    But, his “Mom’s house” in Villa Park has three cars (including Vinces) in the driveway.

    I wish somebody would hire a PI to follow him!

  9. August 3, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Sean H. Mill, a longtime player in Santa Ana politics, abruptly resigned from the city Planning Commission last week, after he was caught living 24 miles outside city limits.

  10. AskAMexican
    August 4, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Sean’s birthday is this weekend. Maybe Fat Sal will help him blow out the candles in Riverside

  11. Skylar Diggins
    August 9, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Sean H Mill is icky.

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