Draft Don (Wagner) for Mayor (of Irvine) Facebook Page Emerges

Don Wagner

Don Wagner

By writing this post, TheLiberalOC is likely to expand the number of “likes” for the Facebook page DraftDonforMayor.  It’s a site with only two likes and it’s supposed to encourage termed out AD-68 state rep Don Wagner to run for Mayor of Irvine.

Since it looks like current Mayor Steven Choi will be in the top two for the State Assembly race to succeed Wagner against Democrat Sean Panahi, Choi can’t run for a third term as mayor (a possibility due to a term limits ballot measure passed by Irvine voters in 2012.  We have multiple tips from reliable sources saying FivePoint really wants Wagner in the mayor’s chair but Don is reluctant because after six years in the state assembly, he views the job as a step down.

And even if Wagner is dragged into the race, he will face Republican Gang Chen who will surely take the 10 to 12% of the Chinese-American votes that Choi got in 2014.  Considering Democrat Mary Ann Gaido lost to Choi in 2014 despite getting into the race late, Hillary Clinton is on the ballot this year (and so is Donald Trump).  Additionally, through the efforts of the Irvine Democratic Club and the DPOC, Irvine is solidly majority Democratic in voter registration.

Wagner has a poor record of helping Irvine’s schools.  And he is reluctant to run.  So even if he does run for Mayor, Wagner isn’t a sure thing.  With two likes on a Facebook page that’s been up for a few weeks, it’s more like Meh-or Wagner than Mayor Wagner.

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  1. Ltpar
    June 20, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Something tell me Donald Wagner doesn’t spend a lot of time playing around with Facebook. As such, any Facebook response, pro or con, will have little, or no impact in his decision to run or not to run. Assuming Don wants to keep his options open for future political campaigns, he needs to stay in public view and the Irvine City Council would be an excellent place to demonstrate leadership skills. Wagner could play the role of mediator and work to get the two loose cannons on deck (Lalloway & Schott) under control. I don’t see the one issue, Gang Chen getting much support except perhaps from a few die hard Asian’s who don’t want the Veterans Cemetery. If Wagner runs, he will win. Christina Shea will win handily and the remaining seat will be up for grabs between Anthony Kuo and Melissa Fox. Should be an interesting election?

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