What do Young Kim and Donald Trump Have in Common? Both Haven’t Released Their Tax Returns

Young Kim

Young Kim


FULLERTON, CA—Classroom teacher and 65th Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva notes that while June 15 is the deadline for small businesses to make 2nd quarter tax payments, it’s been two months since she called on her opponent, Young Kim, to join her in releasing five years of tax returns. Kim has failed to do so, taking the same stance as Donald Trump, both of whom so far are refusing to release their tax returns.

“I said it on Tax Day in April and I’ll say it again: Taxpayers need to know that elected leaders are playing by the same rules they are and paying their fair share,” said Quirk-Silva. “If Young Kim agrees, she should release her taxes. If she doesn’t, voters should ask her why she won’t.

“Young Kim and Donald Trump share a lot in common, including not releasing their taxes. It’s a pretty simple issue for candidates: either you’re playing by the rules or you have something to hide. Do they have something to hide?”

Quirk-Silva released five years of tax returns spanning 2011 thru 2015. She and her husband and fellow teacher, Jesus Silva, file jointly. The couple released their entire returns. The only information withheld pertained to personal information such as social security numbers and the names of their children.

Quirk-Silva currently teaches 3rd grade fulltime and has spent 30 years teaching in the Fullerton School District. She is the former Mayor of Fullerton and served in the Assembly from 2012-2014.

The 65th Assembly District includes Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Palma, Stanton and most of West Anaheim.