AD-68 Rumors Fly



If you believe anonymous emailers who do an extraordinary good job of hiding their identities, lots of bombs will be dropped this week in AD-68.  So with this all in mind, here’s a summary of what’s out there in the wild yet to be verified.

  • The video of Deborah Pauly’s DUI arrest from last year is supposed to be released at some point to the news media.  Most won’t run it.  The arresting officer was wearing a body cam and the tipster says the video is “epic.”  The unanswered question is “how did someone get the video from the police?”  Probably best not to be leaking evidence before the case comes to court.  There might be some explaining to do.
  • Harry Sidhu’s consulting firm has conducted a poll that shows Irvine Mayor Steven Choi and Pauly finishing #1 and #2 — with Sidhu in third but within the margin of error; this might explain the sudden rash of unidentified DUI Debbie signs all over AD-68. Why is Sidhu polling so badly?  He’s not well known in Irvine or Tustin and not as well liked in Anaheim and Orange as he thinks.  Choi can count on a solid Korean voting block while conservative voters who don’t want to elect an ethnic candidate are likely drawn to Pauly.
  • The OC Victory fund, run by former DPOC Chair Frank Barbaro, is poised to give $50,000 to conservative Republican Steven Choi’s assembly race.  Remember…this is rumor…the funds are being funneled through the fund via prominent Irvine developers who want Choi out of city hall.  If Choi makes the top two, he can’t run for Mayor.  If he gets elected to the Assembly, he’ll be placed at the little kids table.  If his opponent is indeed Pauly or Sidhu, there’s a chance Choi will be out of government altogether.  If this is at all true, Frank, I’m not sure if this move is dumb or brilliant on the part of Barbaro.
  • Anaheim Republican/Independent Brian Chuchua has plastered the area with signs; that’s fine.  But some of the text is so small, you have to stop and get out of your car to read it.  Tactical error.  The last car dealer to get elected to anything in this area was John Campbell who has a record of accomplishing not very much.
  • Choi’s mailers list his endorsements; Jeff Lalloway pulled his endorsement some time ago, but Lalloway is still on there.  Lauren Brooks never endorsed him either and she’s listed.  Choi claims he’s a job creator, but there’s no credible evidence his policies have created a single job.  His Tech Valley initiative isn’t widely known by Orange County’s technology community.  His notion that illegal alien criminals will be deported to prisons in their native countries is laughable….sure, that’ll happen.  For a guy who claims Jesus Christ is his personal savior, he sure does bear considerable false witness.  He’s the biggest liar on the ballot.

And for the anon emailers, keep it up.  My hacker buddies will find you out in due time.

  3 comments for “AD-68 Rumors Fly

  1. P Patel
    June 3, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    This a weird race.

    CHOI- a socially challenged baffoon, by most accounts, seldom known outside Irvine and the tight knit Korean community (Note to the “inchan cabal” OPEN UP, it won’t kill you.

    PAULY – What to say more? A racist drunk, who continues to offend, but is “respected” by liberal bloggers and other AD 68 candidates alike.

    SIDHU- Harry, find me a graft job. I will say this, he might represent the district BETTER than anyone.

    CHACHUA- Lets get this straight. He’s 80 years old; He’s a retired USED CAR DEALER, His civic experience is limited to CATER, a private activist group with one other known member. Brian liked to race cars, Brian recently recovered from bypass surgery, he doesn’t speak well, can’t write or articulate his point well (according to his campaign staff), but Tom Tait and Jose Moreno (a democrat for what 1 year????) like him.

    I’d take Ronald McDonald before the old guy, the indian and Choi. That leaves the RACIST DRUNK DRIVER as the best choice.

    Are people really this crazy?????

    • June 3, 2016 at 7:30 pm

      Now that Chuchua is a candidate, and believes in transparency, maybe he’ll share how many people actually belong to CATER. Can’t be more than 5.

  2. Francisco
    June 3, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    CATER is a front organization for Tom Tait. Cynthia Ward, Greg Diamond, Jose Moreno are ALL MANIPULITIVE scammers.

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