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(c) 2010 TheLiberalOC

(c) 2010 TheLiberalOC

Over the past month, we’ve let leaders in the Democratic Party know our anniversary is coming up.  And we’ve gotten a share of some wonderful notes.  There are still a few notes promised to me by various elected and candidates, so please send it along for inclusion with these very nice tributes.

“Congratulations TheLiberalOC on your 10th anniversary! Over the past 10 years, TheLiberalOC has made important contributions to expanding the scope and flavor of Orange County’s political discourse and promoting diverse voices. Thank you TheLiberalOC for your commitment to providing unrelenting political and civil rights coverage that keeps politicians accountable and on their toes.”

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (CA-46)


“Congratulations to The Liberal OC on your 10 year anniversary!  As the only consistent voice for progressive politics across Orange County, I applaud your success and tenacity.  Continue the good work and best wishes for the next 10 years!”

Henry Vandermeir, Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County


“For the past decade The LiberalOC has been a key partner in the fight to shine the light on the wing nuts who control the California GOP and hope to take us back to the 1950s – but sunshine exposes the truth!”

Eric C. Bauman, Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party; Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party


“Congratulations to TheLiberalOC for 10 years of success bringing news and information to the liberal, progressive and open minded readers who rely on you to help spotlight issues of importance in Orange County. Without your posts, enlightened OC residents would be far less aware of what’s happening in their own backyard. Here’s to your continued success!”

Beth Krom, Irvine City Council


“Ten years of strong, fighting commentaries — written from a proud liberal point of view — have earned TheLiberalOC a loyal and appreciative Orange County following. Count me among those who are grateful for Dan’s solid, investigative journalism — always coupled with a willingness to call out wrongdoing and take on the wealthy and the powerful, and the sniveling right-wing politicians who do their bidding. Best wishes for another 10 years! “

Larry Agran, former Mayor and City Council Member, Irvine


“I want to thank the Liberal OC for its decade of dedication to covering the political news of our communities. For the past 10 years the Liberal OC has been giving a voice to the citizens of Orange County by bringing transparency to politics and government. As a long time elected leader for Orange County, I have seen first-hand the positive impact the Liberal OC has made in our communities by keeping our families informed and keeping government accountable. I commend the Liberal OC for fighting the good fight.  I look forward to continuing to read and engage with the Liberal OC for years to come.”

Lou Correa, former State Senator, candidate CD-46


“Your site helps balance the civic information that all of us need to define and solve problems in our County. Your knack for discovering news while providing a full context – and your quest for accuracy – deserves our respect on this milestone date.  You do a difficult task well, Dan! Here’s to you and the LiberalOC!”

Tom Daly, State Rep AD-69


“My congratulations and best wishes to Dan Chmielewski and TheLiberalOC on its 10th year of publication. The Liberal OC brings much-needed information and perspectives to the citizens of Orange County, which for many decades was a one-party county that was out of sync with much of the rest of California. Now, Orange County is a much more diverse and politically balanced place, and TheLiberalOC has been an important part of that transformation. May the next 10 years bring good things to both Orange County and TheLiberalOC.”

Sukhee Kang, candidate for State Senate (SD-29)


“TheLiberalOC reminds everyone on the Internet that Democrats DO in fact exist in Orange County. Dan and the rest of his writing and production team are unsung heroes. Cheers on this important milestone!”

Hon. Jose Solorio, Community College Trustee and former State Assembly Member


“Congratulations to TheLiberalOC for 10 years advocacy for Democratic candidates and liberal and progressive issues in Orange County. TheLiberalOC has played an important role in Orange County politics by providing a voice of support for Democratic candidates and sitting officeholders and defending those who have been under attack. I look forward to another decade of TheLiberalOC.”

John Hanna, RSCCD Trustee


“Thank you for being the progressive conscience of Orange County. Your contributions to our political and social discourse have been invaluable to an open exchange of dearly-held ideas. For a decade now, TheLiberalOC has called on our county to transform itself into a community where everyone has a place.”
Jordan Brandman, Anaheim City Council


“Congratulations to TheLiberal OC on a decade of progressive, pragmatic journalism with a fair dose of humor and muckraking mixed in.  To many great years ahead!”

Mike Levin, Former Executive Director, DPOC