Hillary Clinton in OC in 2005

Hillary Clinton in OC in 2005

If you’re so inclined to play PowerBall or any of the big money California Lottery games (and who doesn’t from time to time), there’s an old saying — “A Lottery is a Tax on people who are bad at math.”  Your likelihood of winning the Grand Prize in any big money lottery is significantly less than being struck by lightning.  And for the BernieBros — supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — the math no longer works.  It’s like watching a basketball game with 40 seconds on the clock and your team down by 15..the game is still in progress but the outcome is not in doubt.

As we’ve watched the Democratic debates over the last several months, my friends remark how “our debates” are issues-focused and not personal attacks on other candidates like the Republican debates are.  We were actually proud of how our party address voters and issues compared to the Republicans.  The low point of this debate cycle was Senator Marco Rubio’s remarks that Donald Trump had small hands, implying other male parts were small too, along with Trump’s insults, Cruz’s lies, and wild comments from Chris Christie to Carly Fiorina which only highlighted how much better the Democratic Party debates were over the Republicans.

There was a time when, as Democrats, if Hillary won, Bernie supporters would back her.  And if Bernie won, Hillary supporters would back him.  Now, there are polls suggesting that as much of 30% of Bernie supporters are “Bernie or Bust.”  They won’t vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee.

But as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s lead has increased, the rhetoric from Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters has gotten more personal, from Bernie himself at debates, to BernieBros threatening Super Delegates if they don’t switch allegiances, to Bernie supporters throwing money at Clinton’s motorcade as if she were a stripper, to calling her and those who support her “Democratic Whores.”  Friends on Facebook have taken to calling her “Hiltery.”

I’d expect this from Republicans.  Not from Democrats.  Not from Liberals.  What happened to the candidate who was going to stick to the issues?  He’s gone.


If Bernie gets the nomination (and that’s a big IF), he doesn’t deserve the support of the Democratic Party he and his supporters have denigrated as establishment and corruptAnd he doesn’t deserve the support of Hillary Clinton supporters.  At this point, Hillary supporters ought to give Bernie and his team a taste of their own medicine.


If Bernie pulls out a miracle and gets the nomination, Hillary backers should sit the presidential trace out and let Cruz or Trump take over; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander after all, right?

Clinton wins big in New York, a state critical for Sanders to not only win, but to win big.  His supporters charge “cheating!” Voters were dropped from polls in Brooklyn.  The assumption is they *all* would have voted for Bernie.  Not likely. Hillary would have had even bigger numbers in New York if every voter dropped from the rolls was allowed to vote, given the voting patterns throughout New York City and Long Island.

From the Huffington Post, this:

Both symbolically and mathematically, this was a devastating loss for Sanders. He outspent Clinton by over $2 million in advertising. Plus, after winning eight out of the last nine contests, Sanders had been picking up steam and making a case that he had real, tangible momentum. In terms of the optics, Clinton’s triumph in New York poked a gaping hole in the ‘berning flame’ that was fueling the rise of Sanders’ hot-air balloon.

On the arithmetic front, any loss for Sanders, especially one in the delegate-rich state of New York, illustrates a major setback in terms of making gains on the delegate math. To date, Sanders is behind by close to 700 delegates, counting both super delegates and state-appointed delegates.

Additionally, this romping perhaps serves as evidence of the fact that Sanders’ sharp turn towards a more negative, character-driven attack message against Clinton might have had unintended consequences. Over the course of the last few days, Sanders intensified the tone of his criticisms and aimed a series of salvos at the former Secretary of State. At the time, it was unclear what, if any, impact the shift would have had on the race. New York’s election results indicate that the strategy may have backfired.

Bernie brags about winning 8 of the last 9 states, neglecting to mention most are small population and caucus-only states.  He won Wyoming, but Hillary won the two counties with the highest Democratic voting blocs and the delegate count was 7-7.  That’s called a tie.  FiveThirtyEight.com says Bernie trails badly in many of the remaining states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and California — states he’ll need to win with nearly 60% of the vote to have a prayer.  Bernie backers simply ought to start buying Lottery tickets because there is a better chance of them hitting the grand prize than of Bernie Sanders being the nominee of the Democratic Party.

From FiveThirtyEight.com:

Indeed, the math just doesn’t look like it’s on Sanders’s side in upcoming contests. Besides Pennsylvania, he’s behind in all three of the other states with the biggest delegate prizes left on the calendar. He’s down 23 percentage points in Maryland — we originally estimated a 9-point Sanders loss would signal he was “on track.” Sanders trails Clinton by 9 points in New Jersey, which he originally needed to win by 6 points. Most importantly, he’s trailing by 13 percentage points in California, where he needed to win by 15 points.

Put simply, Sanders can’t win the Democratic nomination without a minor miracle. That doesn’t mean Sanders won’t continue to campaign, and minor miracles do sometimes happen. But the media shouldn’t sugarcoat this. There’s a reason the Sanders campaign is talking up superdelegates: Clinton can see the nomination in sight. Tonight reaffirmed that she is almost certainly going to be the Democratic nominee for president.

There’s a suggestion that money raised by actor George Clooney for the Hillary Victory Fund was somehow unethical or even illegal.  It’s not.  It’s Clooney and Clinton doing more to elect Democrats to Congress and the Senate than Sanders ever did.  I’ve seen exactly one ActBlue email from Sanders campaign asking for support for two Congressional candidates.  Hillary Clinton has a long track record of helping Democratic candidates come election time and perhaps that is the reason she has the endorsement of so many of her former colleagues in Congress compared to endorsements earned by Bernie Sanders. #HillaryOrBust.

So unethical or illegal? Let’s go to PolitFact for an answer:  “Clooney said the money he helped raise for Clinton in California has to be put in perspective.

“The overwhelming amount of money that we’re raising, and it is a lot, but the overwhelming amount of the money that we’re raising, is not going to Hillary to run for president, it’s going to the down-ticket,” he said. “It’s going to the congressmen and senators to try to take back Congress.”

Clooney’s claim is largely correct. It rates Mostly True.

The Clinton fundraisers Clooney was talking about were on behalf of the her Hillary Victory Fund, which distributes the donations to several entities — her campaign committee (Hillary for America), the Democratic National Committee, and the state parties.

Because federal law says individuals can’t give more than $2,700 to a presidential candidate’s primary campaign (another $2,700 can be collected for the general election), Clinton’s Victory Fund has set up its rules so that the first $2,700 donated goes to her.

The next $33,400 goes to the Democratic National Committee (the maximum allowed for an individual under federal limits) and the remainder is split among 32 state parties to finance federal candidates. The federal limit for each state is $10,000.

So if a large donor gives $356,000 to the Victory Fund, Clinton would directly get less than 1 percent.

If a small donor were to give $3,000, the Clinton campaign would directly get 90 percent.

A reader suggested I head over to the Orange Juice Blog to read Greg Diamond’s whiny post about the New York Primary.  It’s bad enough when Bernie Backers call Hillary backers Democratic Whores, shower her motorcade with dollar bills like a man might do at a strip club, but suggesting its would be OK for Bernie Sanders to smash DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s knees with a baseball bat makes Diamond a special kind of misogynist.  Only a coward hits or woman and only a coward would suggest it would be OK for a man to hit a woman.

Diamond writes:

UCI’s elections maven Rick Hasen dismisses Sanders’s claims as “legally…weak.”  And then, perhaps without realizing it, he steps beyond his area of expertise into practical politics — and kicks an “own goal.”

It is quite odd for Sanders, who would need the DNC’s support to win the presidency should he be the Democratic nominee, to be attacking the DNC.

Really, Professor?  That’s fascinating.  Because I would think that Sanders, if nominated, should still get the full and vigorous support of the DNC because he will likely be running against Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and the replacement to Justice Scalia and perhaps a few other Justices is on the line.

Given the stakes, he should be able to break both of DNC Chair’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s knees with a baseball bat — note: I am not suggesting that he do so — and expect her to smile through the tears and say public that it’s OK because she asked him to do it.  Because winning the election is THAT IMPORTANT — right?

Hasen’s suggestion that the deeply-devoted-to-party DNC members might become sluggards if they are treated badly is the flip side of the argument that average Democrats, third-party members, independents, and other Bernie supporters — may also be justified in saying “to hell with the election results, this has become intolerable.”  Except THOSE people haven’t signed on the run the damned party — and in many cases have no use for it.

So I think that it is FINE for Bernie to attack the DNC — far finer, in fact, for the Clintons to “triangulate” against the Democrats in Congress in the 1990s — and expect to get their maximal, devoted support no matter what.  Anyone who speculates otherwise, and who says that the possibility of monkey-wrenching the party from within should prevent one from slamming the eminently slammable 2016 DNC — had better lay off Green Party members and independents for refusing to cast their tiny votes in disgust.  The argument for unwavering DNC loyalty is much stronger.

Let me turn this around on Mr. Diamond by changing four words:  “Because I would think that Clinton, if nominated, should still get the full and vigorous support of the Bernie Supporters because she will likely be running against Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and the replacement to Justice Scalia and perhaps a few other Justices is on the line.” …. Because winning the election is THAT IMPORTANT — right?”

Apparently not.

It appears Mr. Diamond and a number of other Bernie supporters have no use for the Democratic Party.

That’s fine of course.

Please go to the ROV at your nearest government office and re-register as “Decline to State,” or “Independent” or “Green Party.”

At this point, I’m not even sure Bernie deserves a speaking slot at the Democratic Convention; his proposals are paper thin, lack detail, and require legislation through Congress to enact which isn’t going to happen unless we elect more Democrats to Congress which isn’t going to happen without big coattails that Bernie doesn’t have and has never had.  I’d prefer to hear from speakers at my Party’s convention who are actual members of the Democratic Party…Bernie is not.

This blog formally endorses Hillary Clinton for president.  #HillaryorBust.






  40 comments for “#HillaryOrBust

  1. junior
    April 20, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Oh – Bernie is going to get PLENTY of speaking time at the convention and platform issues addressed as well – and it is going to be GLORIOUS (for Republicans).

  2. Pinky
    April 20, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    Republicans can use Diamond’s Facebook posts for any of attacks on Hillary in November. How is this idiot a Democrat?

  3. John Jaeger
    April 21, 2016 at 6:16 am

    “I’d expect this (reprehensible conduct) from Republicans. Not from Democrats.” – Dan Chmielewski

    Ah yes, you Democrats are SOOO ethical and have SOOO very much integrity, of course including Hillary Clinton.

    Your integrity and virtue include, in small part:
    1. Supporting the racist, murderous support and promotion of abortion, which kills six times the proportion of unborn black infants, compared to white infants, over 1,000,000 a year,
    2. Supporting monsters on death row, to try to protect them from the death penalty they have been given in courts of law across the U.S.. Mercy for murderers, death to innocent, unborn babies. This is the Democrat Party.
    3. Insane spending, far beyond even that of the Republican Party, so that now the national debt is $17 trillion and unfunded mandates over $200 trillion. You Democrats support the murder of infants and the financial and regulatory oppression of future generations not aborted.
    4. Lies and nonsense prattled by your Democrat friends throughout the media, EXCEPT for Fox News, which of course features both conservative and liberal speakers, unlike virtually any other tv news source.
    5. Worldwide oppression and robbery through the huge lie of global warming, supported by wealth-transferring socialists everywhere, and Leftist Americans who fancy themselves savior priests of the earth – the biggest scam in history, after socialism.

    I could go on at great length about the evils and horrors of liberal Democrats (is there any other kind, really?) but it is generally like talking to pigeons. Democrats almost never admit they were wrong. That would take honesty and integrity, and Democrats, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, don’t have it. Even Democrats, who have some sense, don’t trust or like Hillary.

    • April 21, 2016 at 10:15 am

      First of all, abortion rates are down due to a number of factors; better sex education. Better access to birth control. If only liberals had a powerful voice for abstinence — like Bristol Palin.


      And the contradiction for you John; so pro-life for unborn babies and then bitching about paying to educate them or demanding the death penalty. The reason so many liberals are against the death penalty is because it isn’t a deterrent to crime; and killing off someone lets them off easy…imagine a life wasted behind bars. That’s suffering. hat’s paying a penalty for committing a crime. The murderer of Kitty Genovese in New York City just died after 52 years in prison. Enough said.

      The $17 trillion in debt was extended due to two wars on a credit card, an government gift to big pharma, and tax cuts while in the midst of two wars; I didn’t see the invisible hand of the free market come to the rescue. The vast majority of this new debt is directly attributable to the policies of the Republicans in office from 2001 to 2009.

      Fox News! Hahahahahaha. Please review non-partisan Fact Check sites for the amount of time Fox News tells the truth.

      Global warning is a lie. Except for what 95% of scientists say. The other 5%, paid off by the fossil fuel industry. Destroy the planet John; have fun eating money. You can’t.

      • RHackett
        April 25, 2016 at 5:11 am

        John Jaeger once again proves that despite his claims, he really does hate America.

    • April 21, 2016 at 12:29 pm

      Glad you guys attracted this noxious Jaeger windbag and not us. Good luck with him!

      • April 21, 2016 at 1:32 pm

        you already have a noxious windbag blogging for you; Good luck with him!

    • Emm Vee
      April 23, 2016 at 12:07 pm

      If you haven’t done so already, please click on the link below and take the Bernie or bust pledge and join the movement!

      Basically, the pledge states if Bernie’s not the democratic nominee, you agree to vote Green Party or write in Bernie’s name in the general election.


      Please read the fascinating article below by clicking on the link.


      After taking the pledge, please post on your Facebook and Twitter and let others know. Make sure you share the bleep ou of this!

      Thank you.

  4. James Mitchell
    April 21, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    I can’t wait to see the obnoxious Jose Moreno ( I am unclear, if he is the “good Jose” or the “evil” one) explain awY his divisive anti-party comments, when his opponents get a hold of his internet history

    Is this guy really that clueless or just stupid?

    • David Vasquez
      April 22, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      Jose Doesn’t care, he’s been a Democrat for all of two years. Pimping the poor for votes is his style.

      If it got him elected, he would champion Chavez, Castro, Hitler or Satan himself. Jose Moreno is ALL ABOUT Jose Moreno. Don’t be fooled.

  5. April 21, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    HillaryorBust. I knew the PUMAS would make their reappearance. For all the talk about how Bernie isn’t really a Democrat, the exit polls in the NY primary showed that 14% of Bernie voters wouldn’t vote for Hillary if she got the nomination. But 18% of Hillary supporters would abandon the party and go the route you said you would go if Bernie by some miracle got the nomination. You would give us Trump or Cruz and a 40-year Supreme Court disaster because you pretend against all the evidence of 2008 and this year that Hillary and her surrogates only play bean bag when they campaign.

    • April 22, 2016 at 8:24 am

      its called giving the BernieBros a taste of their own medicine; I’ll point out that Hillary voters (myself included) did back Barack Obama in 2008 without reservation because policy-wise, they are pretty much the same. Bernie’s ideas and programs are light on detail, everything is a tax, and he seems to forget he’s almost never done a thing to help anyone in the party down-ticket.

      Bernie’s plan for free tuition called for a tax on securities transactions; and he’s counting on revenue from those transactions to hold steady in order to fund tuition not realizing that investors will go to other means to make investments or play the market. Without that revenue, how does he pay for free tuition? He can’t.

  6. David Vasquez
    April 22, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    Hillary announced her “California” leadership team today, led by Buffy Wicks, who worked on Obama’s team and is part of Priorities USA. Along with the LGBT hero Peggy Moore and rounded out by Hilda Delgado as spokesperson.

    A really powerful slate of women, It should be noted, Moore is close to CA DEM chairman Eric Bauman, who hates Greg Diamond, like the Dodgers hate the Giants. Which goes without saying Diamond will find it even harder to be known as ANYTHING but a radical “Tea Party” type, albeit of the left.

    But, hey there is always the position of Court Jester, when Bernie Sanders is elected President of……..UTOPIA.

  7. April 23, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. What are you going to do, throw the ONLY progressive under the bus because you don’t like what? Bernie’s campaigning style? That’s just hypocrisy coming from supporters of the most corrupt political machine in the United States.

    • April 23, 2016 at 11:31 am

      The most corrupt political machine in history? You’re thinking about the Bush family. Maybe you should can fly to Vermont and help Bernie’s wife find his taxes

  8. Billy
    April 23, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Dan, we’re drowning here in the crocodile tears! You don’t get it. This isn’t about being liberal, this isn’t about being “Party Loyal”. We are Independents. We want Wall St. and big business out of politics. We want and end to Super PAC’s and Super Delegates. We the taxpayers don’t want to pay for “private” political party’s primaries only for them to make UNDEMOCRATIC rules. Why doesn’t the govt pay to elect the Grand Puba down at the Water Buffalo Lodge? This one is going to blow your mind. There are those of us who are going to vote for Trump as our #2 choice. Doesn’t THAT scare the sh*t out of you? Why you ask? He’s for the same core principals of cleaning up elections and he’s the second most progressive candidate in the race!!! Just ask the Republicans!!! Yeah, they’re accepting him now, because it looks like he’s going to get his 1257! The internet is a wonderful tool against the main stream media. Every time Hillary “wins” it’s another nail in her coffin at the contested convention. She wants Bernie to drop out because that FBI probe is coming out in May, and your/her desperation is showing. You call the margin in which Killary won NY a victory in “Her home state”? Jajajajaja, How Trump beat Cruz in NY is a victory in your home state! Momentum of the popular vote is on Bernie’s side and he’s the only one who will be able to beat Trump, and Trump is the 2nd choice for a lot of us.

    • April 23, 2016 at 4:26 pm

      What Patton Oswalt has to say for BernieBros not voting for Hillary. Google it yourself

    • Alan
      April 23, 2016 at 10:59 pm

      Billy, I knew voters were lost and I agreed with you until you said that Trump was your 2nd choice. OMG comparing Trump and Bernie is like comparing apples and oranges. Trump is nothing more than a bully who gets his way by running over people. He could not care less about the middle class and poor. He will say anything to get elected and then turn around and do the exact opposite just like all modern day Republicans have done. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I will vote for Bernie and if he doesn’t get the nomination I will vote for Hillary. Trump is nothing but a no class loser who has been married 3 times and I think gone bankrupt the same number of times but that may be 4.

      • Billy
        April 24, 2016 at 11:47 am


        I didn’t vow not to vote, I vowed not to vote Hillary.


        You want to put Trump’s divorces and bankruptcy’s up against Hillary’s scandals? If you don’t know about them, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        Hillary has been accused of being more Right than Trump by Democrats and Trump more left than Hillary by the Republicans!

        I’m for political election reform 1st. We let this opportunity pass us by it may never happen again.

        Trump is for border enforcement, “re-negotiating” trade agreements, like NAFTA & the TPP, you know the one Hillary touted as the “Gold Standard”.

        Trump is a bully? Do you know what Hillary did to Bill’s sexual assault victims?

        Trump hits back. Ted went after his wife, so Trump went after Ted’s wife.

        Bernie would kick Trump’s ass in the General, Trump is going to go dirty on Hillary. It’s going to get ugly and rightfully so. It will get better ratings than a Superbowl game.

        • April 24, 2016 at 12:08 pm

          Hillary is best qualified to be president. Eight years as First Lady, eight years as senator, four years as Secretary of State and a lifetime of fighting for progressive values. She has my vote

          • Billy
            April 24, 2016 at 12:34 pm

            Life time of fighting for progressive values? You’re kidding right?

            And what has she accomplished? As 1st lady she pushed hard for NAFTA and the TPP, As Senator she got a Parkway and a Zoo named after somebody in NY, she failed in every undertaking she was in charge of as Secretary of State. Benghazi was supposed to be the crown jewel to the White House, hence the cover up and the story about the video.

            Bernie needs to just hang in there, the FBI will have Hillary indicted before the convention. If she some how pulls off the nomination, I’m voting the 2nd most progressive in the race, Donald Trump

  9. Timothy Smith
    April 23, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Patton Oswalt is a jester. As in who cares. There are only two reliably progressive candidates- Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. My vote is mine and when considering candidates in the cesspool… I’m not going to vote for any of them. That includes HRC. Time to draw a line. Get on board, get out of the way or perhaps we suffer through another term of plutocracy. #OnlyOneBernie

    • April 23, 2016 at 10:39 pm

      Tim, knock yourself out and vote for who you want. #HillaryOrBust.

  10. Rintrag
    April 23, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    I have heard a number of horrible things about Hillary over a number of years. The Vince Foster murder was only the beginning, her personal involvement in Benghazi should convince any rational consumer of news that she is a liar as we all know. She is vindictively intervening and preventing otherwise rational educated self righteous and perhaps- even registered to vote- Bernie’s peeps from voting. She is Satan. Please join FB group, “Nadir is Tops.”

    • April 23, 2016 at 10:34 pm

      Vince Foster was murdered. Put your tin foil hat on tighter ok. Thanks for reading

    • April 24, 2016 at 12:35 pm

      You type “Nadir” on purpose, Rintrag? That Vince Foster bs WAS a sort of nadir.

  11. Jesus Carpio
    April 23, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Bernie has been running his campaign with one hand tied behind his back in that he has been refraining from calling her out on many things which Republicans will have no problem doing. Hillary will say and do anything to get elected. Even tough she has already been in the White house once before, she is not satisfied with that. At her age, you would think she would just want to retire along with her husband and enjoy her grandchild. There is only one reason she would seek the White house again, pure ego. She is power driven and loves money.

    She will throw her own husband Bill under the bus, blaming him for signing the bill that sent many African Americans to prison. Study her body language when you watch videos of her. Observe her lies; (We were under sniper fire when we landed in Bosnia- (video footage obtained from accompanying journalists show her words are not true). Later when confronted on her false statement: “Oh, I don’t know why I said that, I was sleep deprived.”???

    Hillary has abused her authority as secretary of State by going around to different countries and lobbying for private corporations at the same time and collecting money for the Clinton foundation.

    Hillary just got endorsed by non other than one of the Koch brothers. When asked why he would support Hillary? His response; “Let’s just say her actions will not be like her rhetoric.”!!!????

    Yet, you being a hard-core Hillary supporter tells me you have not done your homework and the old line which is used at every election, “We must pick the lesser of two evils”. Does not hold water. This is a trick by the establishment to keep the status quo and like Bernie says, “Enough is enough.”

    Hopefully, if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, we can convince him to run Green party and if the Democratic party crashes, so be it. It is time both parties ended their charade with the American people. We need a party for the people by the people along with a true impartial news source. What all these journalists fail to say to their audience is that CNN and MSNBC is owned by Time Warner and Time Warner is one of the top ten donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign. This is why Bernie gets no air time and is always played down no matter what is really going on.

    • April 23, 2016 at 10:38 pm

      I have so many problems with your comments I’m not sure where to begin. The Koch Brothers have spent millions to take Hillary down. Bernie’s wife can’t find his tax returns. Bernie’s peers in Congress aren’t endorsing him. Bernie has no prayer getting his agenda passed in Congress. Until last week, Bernie has never lifted a finger to help a down ticket race. Bernie is as scripted as Marco Rubio. He’s not even a Democrat

      • Alan
        April 23, 2016 at 11:01 pm

        He is a democratic socialist. His words. Not really sure why you are so anti Bernie? My concern with Hillary is that she is so connected to wallstreet.

        • April 24, 2016 at 12:29 pm

          You’re surprised Dan wouldn’t back a Democratic socialist? You’re either new here or locked into a simple Manichean worldview.

          Let me break it to you – Dan’s as far from a Democratic socialist as a Democrat could be. A “business Democrat” = basically, a supply-side Republican who happens to favor reproductive rights, gay rights, and takin’ away yer guns.

          • April 24, 2016 at 5:18 pm

            You continue to demonstrate you know nothing about me. Supply-side? Christ. As usual, you’re wrong

            • April 25, 2016 at 7:13 am

              You and Jordan Brandman. More subsidies to big businesses that are already doing well, on the pretext that it might create more jobs. Never pans out. Supply-side. Voodoo economics. Reagan. DINOs.

              • April 25, 2016 at 10:43 am

                I’m not on any city council so I don’t have a vote, but in case you aren’t aware, life is a competition. For cities,counties and states who do not engage in public/private partnerships, the private part of the partnership is likely to go somewhere else. And with it, jobs…more often than not, there are a host of small businesses that support larger enterprises. Not all big businesses are evil. Hate to break it to you.

          • April 24, 2016 at 5:32 pm

            Vern, Bernie’s platform is paper thin. He lectures about what we should do, with no detail on how to actually do it. Bernie has almost no support from his peers in Congress and, with the exception of last week, has never helped a single candidate of ours down ticket. His foreign policy experience as weak as Ted Cruz’s. He’ll never get a single piece of legislation passed through Congress. Good luck getting super delegates to flip. He trails in every primary poll for this Tuesday. It’s over

  12. Christopher Stewart
    April 24, 2016 at 5:37 am

    There hasn’t been a time in the last 16+ years that I’d consider voting for Hillary Clinton. Well before Sanders announced, I was resolved to leave the Democratic Party if it nominates Clinton. I have been a straight-ticket Dem voter since I started voting in 1988, but I am fed up with a party that has meant NOTHING in my lifetime but betrayal of the working class.

    I regard Clinton as the least acceptable person running. At this point, even Trump is better. Sanders or not, there is no chance I will vote for Clinton or ANY member of a party that endorses her. I consider resistance to her candidacy to be a moral obligation, and I do not respect the minds or hearts of her voters.

  13. April 24, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Well I care about what Dan says about THIS much (holds fingers very closely together.) I appreciate the opportunity to vote for Bernie in June, because he best reflects my values, even though I know it’s very unlikely at this point he makes it all the way. I liked what Bernie’s wife said the other day, we’ve got a political revolution going now and it’s gonna continue with or without a President Bernie.

    This “or bust” stuff is stupid BS, and Patton Oswalt (sp) was talking to Hillbots like Dan as much as any “BernieBro.” (And with Dan if course it’s just puerile Diamond-bashing like 65% of what he writes.)

    I’ll vote for Hillary in November if for no other reason than a Supreme Court that’ll overturn Citizens United. Almost nothing’s more important for our country tham that.

    • April 24, 2016 at 5:24 pm

      Vern, I really need to turn auto-correct off on this new iPad. Too bad about Oswalt’s wife dying at 46 leaving behind a 7 year old daughter. But if you’re going to lecture me about spelling, edit yourself. “Tham” vs than.

    • April 24, 2016 at 5:52 pm

      Those “fingers held closer together” gesture represents how much Vern has set aside for retirement.

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