Correa leads CD-46 Fundraising for Q1-2016

Senator Lou Correa

Senator Lou Correa

By all accounts, fundraising for Congress in CD-46 was a tough quarter for the top three Democrats in the race to replace Loretta Sanchez.  But money talks and bullstuff walks, or so the saying goes.  We’ve summarized the filings below, and if the links aren’t working, simply do an Internet search for the candidate’s name and add “FEC filings.”  Be sure go to the second page once you get there.

Former State Senator Lou Correa led all three Democrats running for office with former State Senator Joe Dunn trailing and Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen bringing up the rear.

Correa raised $87,355 for the quarter but returned contributions valued at $5,725 for a net of $81,630.14.  He spent $103,969.45 in the quarter and has the most cash on hand of $229,911.90 remaining.

Joe Dunn’s campaign, which last year reported it had un “unsurpassed fundraising advantage” from commitments that came in from 10/1/2015 to 10/15-2015 doesn’t have the unsurpassed fundraising advantage it wanted opponents to think it had from last Fall.  For the quarter, Dunn raised $76,164 but spent $77,008.83 and has about $174,456.33 cash on hand for the final sprint.

For the quarter, Bao Nguyen raised $42,293 coming in at just under $120,00o raised total since entering the race.  He spent $29,684 and change and has cash on hand of about $54,442 heading into the primary.

It comes down to the ground game now; Correa seems to have the most endorsements.  Dunn got some big ones last quarter with the California Teacher’s Association and the Cal Labor Fed.  Nguyen’s endorsements are almost exclusively from LGBTQ organizations and politicos.