Bao Nguyen - Photo: Chris Prevatt

Bao Nguyen – Photo: Chris Prevatt

Santa Ana, CA – Mayor Bao Nguyen, who is running for Congress in Orange County, has been selected to receive the Rich Cook Community Bridge Award from MenAlive at their annual “All That Glitters Gala & Awards Dinner” at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. The award recognizes distinguished members from the community who personify MenAlive’s mission of “informing, bringing healing, joy, friendship and building bridges to the public at large.”

MenAlive’s Board President Karen Zfaty offered several reasons for choosing Bao:   He exemplifies all that is good in this world and in the gay community – intelligence, hard work, high ideals, and a willingness to serve and to lead.  As an openly gay man who contributes so much to the community, Bao exemplifies the courage that can move our community forward and into the mainstream of American society.

Outreach Director Robert Fisher heaped praise on the candidate as well:   We’re thrilled to initiate Mayor Bao Nguyen into our MenAlive family by presenting him with the Rich Cook award. Like recipients who’ve preceded him, Mayor Nguyen shows no hesitation in standing up for causes he believes in. He does what is necessary for the greater good. Most importantly, Mayor Nguyen embodies the uncompromising integrity that one would hope all future leaders of the world would aspire to personify.

The MenAlive’s 2016 Gala: All That Glitters, is set to take place at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California, on Friday, April 29 at 6 PM.   Tickets can be bought here: Event details:

Born in a UN refugee camp, Bao and his parents immigrated to the United States to escape oppression in Communist Vietnam.  Bao was elected Mayor of Garden Grove in 2014. Upon his swearing-in, he became the city’s first Vietnamese American and first Openly LGBTQ Mayor. He is also the first directly- elected Vietnamese American Democratic Mayor in the United States. Prior to his historic election, he served as member of the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education.   For more information, please visit